Dec 6, 2020

My Sisters' Place

Our guild has supported My Sisters' Place for a number of years. This year they are again in need of donations. We will discuss the logistics of this at the meeting Thursday December 10th. Seen here is a list My Sisters' Place has given us as items on their wish list. This as always is a voluntary donation. 

Ensure / Boost -- Meal Replacement Shakes

Personal Wipes & disinfectant wipes

Underwear (men / women, all sizes)

Deodorant (men / women)

Socks (men / women)

Razors (men / women)




Grab and go - fruit (apples, oranges, bananas)

Yogurt (individual)

Fruit cups (individual)

Applesauce cups

Pudding cups

Jello cups

Granola bars


Rain ponchos

Washable masks

Hair brushes / combs


Depends -- all sizes (women & men)

Poise Pads

Pocket size Kleenex


Pencil crayons


Adult colouring books

Word search books

Gift cards - $10 for any grocery chain, Dollarama, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart

Paper towel