Wednesday, March 25, 2020

March 12 meeting

Due to the Coronavirus and Government mandates the April 16 meeting is cancelled. We will keep you posted.

Members were welcomed to meeting at 7:00 pm by President, Sharon R.

Vendor - Northwind Fabric Studio

Susan D. introduced Nancy Chevalier of Crediton, Ontario. The online business is closing and goods are discounted by 35% this evening. Website

Guest Speaker - Robin Bogaert

Kim introduced Robin, a professional long arm quilter, pattern designer and teacher from Waterloo, Ontario. or

Robin’s creative journey includes:

- Career trained initially as a social worker and diversified by branching out into quilting as a shop owner in Windsor.

- Through her grandmother’s nurturing and mother’s interest in wearables, she developed her interest in quilting. She sold her first large quilt - a Dresden Plate with needle turned appliqué and machine quilting for only $100.

- Quilts in her trunk show classified as Beginning, Teaching, Published and Just for Fun were shown.

- Lessons learned to share with others:

• You will improve over time
• Let the joy for your work overwhelm perfection
• Share your enthusiasm with youth as they are the future of sewing
• Quilt for fun not just with purpose, it’s always educational
• Every project should involve some learning
• Experiment and play
• Take classes, if you learn one thing it’s worth it
• Challenge yourself to try new things Tip: Use contrasting backing to show off quilting.

Executive Reports

Vice President  Mary W:
- As the Chair of the Selection Committee, Mary reminded members that election of Executive Officers will take place in May. This is a formal process each year as all positions are for a one year period. Candidates are needed for Social Media, Membership and Secretary; however, all positions are open.

Kim Z & Yvonne Y:
- March 21st Mini Retreat - almost full. Donated prizes and a special member demonstration are offered.  Unfortunately this was cancelled due to the Coronavirus and government mandates.
- April’s vendor is Grantham Books and guest is Victoria Quilts who make quilts for cancer patients.
We will need to rebook these at a later meeting.
- May is Election night and guest speaker is Darcy from Operation Smile.
- June meeting is a community based dinner, with surprises, held at the Church. 
- Teresa Blum provided a 4 patch Fox and Goose pattern for the block challenge. Yvonne Yardy won

Community Outreach
Edith W reported four pillowcases were turned in. Kits available for members to take home.

Quilt Show
Micki A:
- Bookmarks and posters available for distribution next month.
- Raffle of 3 quilts, 1 ticket: lap size 60” x 80”, baby 36” x 53” and a table runner. Should be ready for May meeting, tickets also available for selling over the summer. All materials donated by Committee. Asking members to drop a loonie or toonie in the jar to raise money for the backings and batting. Jar will be at next meeting.
- Registration form printed copies available and registration is open. Limited space for large quilts (about 50).
- Boutique collections continue. Almost 2 bins of donations collected so about 2/3 of goal for April. Members thanked for donations to date, many beautiful items. Printed instructions available for project ideas.

New Business:
President Sharon:
 - email invitation from Halton Quilters Guild to participate in a challenge .... 
- New quilters encouraged to enter the Quilt Show.
- President’s Challenge due in May.
- Thank you letter from Children’s Aid Society dated November 18, 2019 thanking the guild for the donated quilts.

Show and Tell
Anne - purse

Anne - Ostriches 

Teresa - back of Buzzy Saw quilt

Teresa - front of Buzzy Saw quilt

Mary - Panel Girl

pretty - not sure whose it is...

Kristine - heart pillow



Kim has started a virtual show and tell on our London Friendship Quilters Guild Facebook page.  Post some pictures there since our April meeting is cancelled.  We would love to see what everyone is working on!

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