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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Quilt Show Update

This is just a quick quilt show update.

1: A  link had been added to the blog that will take you to the Quilt Show Registration. (TOP LEFT HAND CORNER)    If you plan on entering more than one quilt at this show you will need to complete a registration form for each quilt. The best way to do this is to complete one form, save it with your initials and 1 for your first quilt, initials and 2 for second quilt....etc.  until you have completed and saved forms for each of your quilts. Once you've completed the first form much of the information will be repeated so you only have to change specifics of your entry.   There are instructions at the bottom of the form for submitting your registrations.  It will also be helpful for the organizers if you attach a picture of your quilt.

2:  May 12:  Guild quilt show boutique workshop day.  Everyone is encouraged to come to the church to make Boutique items.  You can bring your own projects or work on some that Mibsie will be bringing to the workshop.  You will need to bring your sewing machine and general sewing supplies and of course, some of your stash.  It will be a fun day for everyone.

3:  MugRugs:  We are going to give a mug rug to all quilt show attendees so will need around 600.  Following are some samples.  They should be approximately 4 1/2 to 5 ", blue and yellow.  Following is a youtube link to making half square triangles which were used to make the following mug rugs.

Sharon R. shared another mug rug and Mibsie has shared the following instructions.

FELT:  4 1/2" square (Layer 1)  Mibsie will bring some felt and batting if you don't have any so you just have to bring some blue and yellow material.
BATTING: 3 1/2" square  (Layer 2)
TOP: patchwork/fabric:  4" square  (Layer 3)
Stack the layers keeping each one centered evenly so the felt layer shows as a border.
Pin in place through all layers 
Topstitch (1/8") around the patchwork/fabric layer. This keeps it somewhat centered.
Remove the pins.
Use some of the simple embroidery stitches on your machine to act as quilting in the patchwork/fabric square.
Zigzag around the fabric edges.
There should be some felt showing around the outside. Pink this 
 *** For the fabric layer, I strip-pieced a 2" strip on each side of a 1 1/2" strip, the cut off 4" pieces and squared off to 4". 
You can then quilt in the ditch, or use a simple embroidery along the seam lines as quilting.
**** For the fabric I also tried blotchy batiks (yellow on blue felt, blue on yellow felt) using simple embroidery to track around the blotch edges.

Or you can create your own Mug Rug design.  Have some fun and be creative.  We just ask that you use a blue and yellow colour scheme and that they are approximately 4 1/2 - 5"  You can make some at our workshop or make them at home and bring to the next meeting.  

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