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Friday, January 12, 2018

Members with blogs and/or business

If you are a guild member and have a blog, please contact me with your link and we will add it to our blog.  Unfortunately the list of members with blogs was deleted last month and I haven't been able to retrieve them. If you don't have a business, but just your blog and you are a member of LFQG, there is no fee.  However, if you also have a business, there is a small fee.  Contact Gail Selig for more information.

If you have a business and wish to advertise on our blog please contact our treasurer Gail Selig.  Once we have received your payment a link to your business will be added to our bog.

Gail Selig contact information.  
519-245-3000 and submit your payment so we can add you to our sponsors. 


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