Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 11 2017 Meeting -Guild Challenge


I will be posting instead of Cathy, this month. I did not realize this at the start of the meeting and did not take notes of the AGM, the details of the new executive will have to wait for another day. I did take photos of the Guild Challenge and our guest speaker and that is what I will present here.

Each year the guild offers a guild challenge and this year it was to commemorate Canada's 150th birthday. Lorraine S introduced our guest speaker Mildred Caldwell, a retired school teacher who showed us her mother's handmade Centennial quilt from 1967. Her quilt was so popular, her mother made 3 of them in one summer!

14 guild members took on the challenge to make a quilted item that was to be 150 cm in circumference and had to feature an item that represented a Canadian story. Each quilt had a story attached.  The membership voted on the quilts at break time and after break the entrants each presented their quilts. The winners were:

First Place: Anne L.

2nd Place: Tiny C.

3rd Place: Beth Y.

The 4th place winners:

From Left to Right,
Row 1: Thank you Candi R for making 2 Canada cakes for break time!, Maureen H., Lorraine S,, Jacquie VMS
Row 2: Susan D, Candi R., Bonnie H., Kim Z.
Row 3: Rachel M., Carol V., Lorna, Charlene O

Congratulations and well done! to all those that participated. 

During Show and Tell, Maureen showed us another Centennial Quilt. This one was commissioned by her father from an employee's wife...the name of the maker is not known, but was First Nations born.

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