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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 12, 2017 meeting

Thanks go out to the program committee and to Shirley from the Marsh Store for this meeting. As mentioned in the information post, our speaker for this month had to cancel, so Joan Hillhorst agreed to come and speak for us. Well, Joan had to cancel as well, so our trusty program committee chairperson arranged for Shirley to speak. Thanks to both of them for quickly stepping up for us.
Also, before going into the happenings at the meeting, I want to issue thanks to all our members for the support you are giving to the comfort quilts committee. There were over 40 black and white with coloured centres handed in at the meeting. Thank you so much! And please, keep them coming.

Shirley gave a wonderful talk for us. She went into some of the trends that are new this year. Apparently, the colour of the year, according to the Pantone website, found here, the colour for this year is called “Greenery”. The website shows the colour and also a bunch of coordinating colours. It looks like a great place to go for colour inspiration. She showed us some new products that came out this year at Quilt Market, and also talked a bit about some of the quilty projects going on for Canada’s 150th  birthday celebrations. I’m going to do some digging, and get in touch with Shirley and see if I can’t get some of the posted with some links to information about them into the blog’s side bar. The she showed us some of her quilt projects. One of her easy quilts was an Irish Chain. This one was a colour wheel study where she took specific colours from the colour wheel and arranges them into a quilt. She did a series of quilt doing big and little sizes of the same blocks to make big and little quilts. She showed us a landscape quilt
and also a couple of projects using border print fabrics. There were many other fun quilts to see. I’ll give a link at the end of this post to our google photo album.
After Shirley finished showing all her wonderful quilts, we had member show and tell.
Rose showed a quilt as you go scrap project, to use up strips and strings of fabric, and also all those small bits of batting that result from trimming the edges of a finished quilt. What a great idea! Here’s the front 
and the back. Anne didn’t show a quilt, but instead showed us her chart that lists all her UFOs, WIPs, and other lists she’s made up to keep herself organized. 
Kim Showed us a finished pillow, made from Lorna McMahon’s workshop. 
Julia brought a finished Christmas quilt. Charlene showed a quilt that was made from a top that was originally made by her Grandmother. She inherited the top, and made it into a finished quilt. For more pictures from the meeting, go here.

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