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Monday, October 24, 2016

October 13, 2016 Meeting

Our speaker for this month’s meeting was Carol Freer. She works as a Nurse Educator at Parkwood Hospital, in the Veterans’ Care division. As a guild, we do a lot of work for the Quilts of Valour, which go out to our country’s current serving and recently discharged military. Carol’s presentation gave us a glimpse into the lives of veterans from past conflicts, notably from World War 2 and Korea. She gave a Power Point Presentation of the history of Parkwood Hospital, and a very touching tribute to some of the Veterans who have called that facility home. The average age of the veterans in that facility is now 92. They are renovating some of the rooms on their veteran’s units to become comfortable and homey places where the veterans and their families may spend their last days together. With this in mind, Carol has asked if we as a guild, would work together to make some quilts using poppy themed fabrics, to be placed and used in these rooms. Carol is going to approach one of the legions who provide special funding for projects for the veterans, in order to procure the funds for the fabric for 6 quilts. We have the beginnings of some ideas for these quilts, including using the pattern found here. There will be more information provided about this, likely in January.
After Carol’s presentation, we had member show and tell.
Christine showed a plus sign quilt that she made.
Micki shoed a Quilt of Valour.
Jane showed her finished piece from Joni Newman’s Stained Glass Workshop.
Susan showed her red and black music themed quilt.
There are more photos of the meeting to be found  at the link meeting photos

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