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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blog problems

Good afternoon, everyone. The company that hosts our blog, blogger, is having issues. There have been multiple complaints from multiple bloggers stating that their link lists have suddenly vanished. Ours is one of those. I received a phone call today alerting me to the fact that the registration forms for the quilt show are no longer visible on the blog, which is when I discovered that not only was that link gone, but all the others as well. I have a message into Blogger asking for help. In the meantime, if you need copies of the registration forms for the quilt show, please email me at caleeshepherd at or Lorna  at lornamar at
Please complete your forms and have them to Rose by Saturday October 8th, at the latest. You can email your forms to her. She needs the time in order to be able to get all the documentation for the quilts ready in time. Waiting to hand your forms in until the next meeting will be too late. There is plenty of room for quilts left in the show. In fact, the number of entries for the show is down considerably from other years. Please, consider entering your work into the show.
 I’m truly sorry for the problems with the blog. I hope the hosting company, blogger, can figure out what their issue is and can fix it.
I’m also going to put a link here for the forms. I’m hoping it will work and that the link problems are only on the side bar information. Registration form

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