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Monday, July 18, 2016

A couple of announcements and reminders

We have a new sponsor listed in the links to various businesses and shops. It’s called Knit Stitch. Check it out, when you get a minute. The rest of the links to our other sponsors are found in a list about halfway down the right hand side bar.

Rose B. who is chairing the quilt show committee, wants to put up a display of various challenges the guild has done over the years. She has requested that we go through our quilts and find any challenge pieces that we have done. If you have them, these can go back in time as far as possible. Are you thinking about the show yet? Have you decided what quilts to enter? Are you thinking about the 35th anniversary challenge piece? What about getting items together for the members’ boutique?

I just want to give a quick reminder about the sew-in day on Saturday, July 23rd from 9am to 4 pm. Bring your lunch. This is a free sewing day, there’s no charge for it and no time line. Come when you can, for the entire day or just an hour or two. Visit with some old friends and make some new ones and catch up on what has been happening over the summer. If you are planning on coming, would you take a few minutes and make a set of comfort quilt blocks. The link to the colours is found here. The instructions are found close to the top of the right hand side bar. Please bring them with you. A few of the comfort quilt committee members will be there working to put some blocks together into quilts. If you can’t be there on Saturday, please bring your blocks to the first meeting of the year in September.

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