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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Comfort quilts pattern and colours

It has taken me way too long to get this information out to you all. Here is the link to the instructions. Friendship Star Block. I’ll also post the link to the block instructions in the side bar swell as here, so that it can be found without having to come back to this post. The colour combinations for the blocks for the summer and into September will be:

1st Yellows and greys

2nd Reds and aquas

You don’t need to do both of these combinations, unless you want to. When working these blocks, you’ll still be making pairs of blocks with the fabric placements reversed, same as stated in the instructions and as shown in these pictures. I hope you have a bit of fun with these colour combinations. If you are coming to the sew-in day on July 23rd, bring them with you. If not, bring them to the first meeting in September.
Thank you so much!

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