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Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekend Reading

You may have noticed that the bog looks a little different. I’ve changed the layout, adding a second side bar to the left hand side of the blog. The one side bar that was there originally was getting quite long, and hard to find things on. I’m going to try and get a bit of an organized system for the side bars, although I haven’t quite yet figured out what that will be. The first thought was guild information on one side and workshop, speaker and other things on the other side. Bear with me for a while as I sort it out. The kick that started this was the need for a list of upcoming quilt shows. I’ll be working on adding those in the coming days. Adding those onto the single side bar would have made scrolling down to find things even longer. There actually is an option to add a third side bar, which I might end up doing. As I said, bear with me while I sort it out. There is a link to the Canadian Quilters’ Association with a calendar showing all the upcoming quilts shows, colour coded according to province. This is where I’ll be getting the information for our blog. Go here to find the calendar. It’s going to take a while to add them all into the blog. I’ll add the ones that are within a 2 hour drive. If you are going to be travelling further than that this year, check the CQA calendar to see if there are any shows in the area where you’re going to be. I’ll include that CQA link at the top of the list that will be on the side bar so you don’t have to hunt for this post in order to find it later.

In the meantime, I have a selection of sites with free quilt patterns here for your enjoyment.

Bonnie Hunter
Quilters Cache
Hoffman Free Patterns
Timeless Treasures Free Patterns
Fons and Porter
All People Quilt
Quilt in a Day
Riley Blake Free Patterns
Moda Bake Shop

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