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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The "London Caper"

Back on Saturday February 27th, a group of adventurous quilters met for the London Caper. Adventurous, because they didn’t know anything about what would be happening during that day, other than it was going to be a challenge sort of day. The first thing they were all given was a cereal box. Inside the cereal box they found a regular ruler, a pencil, a paper pattern and the guidelines. After receiving these things, along with a piece of chocolate to make everything go down a little better, they were told the hard part of the challenge. All rotary cutters and all rulers, other than the one provided in their cereal boxes were to be put away. They were all doing a trip down memory lane to pre-modern quilting times. The cereal boxes provided the material for the old time templates they needed to make in order to do their quilting assignments. There were points to be gathered by various means along the way, as they made the more traditional quilt blocks.   Drunkard’s Path,
Dresden Plate,
Churn Dash,

and Sunbonnet Sue.

A good time was had by all. But I’m pretty sure that everyone was glad that, when the day was over, they were able to get all their rulers and rotary cutters back and return to 2016. To see more pictures, go to the Picassa page here.

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