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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 10, 2016 Guild meeting

We met Thursday evening for a great evening of quilty sharing - quilts from members for our charities,  ideas for the boutique table at the upcoming quilt show in October.
We were advised that small and inexpensive items were what sold the best the last time we did this. Also, if we’re making anything that is going into the microwave to heat up, we need to be using cotton thread. Polyester thread has a tendency to melt.

Oh, and just for fun, how many of us could wear this t-shirt? Most of us, I’d wager.
We were treated to a wonderful trunk show by Al Cote’.  He’s only been quilting for the last 11 or 12 years. Before that, apparently he didn’t even know how to sew. He does have an arts education background, and it sure shows in his work. He and his wife owned a quilt shop for a few years, and his quilting sprang out from that. 
This was his first quilt. And this next one was done as a round robin. 
These next few pictures are done using his rug making technique, which he shared in his workshop.

He’s done some gorgeous art quilts, as well, some more abstract than others.

After Al was finished showing his beautiful work, we were treated to member show and tell. Jacqui brought her finished Indian Orange Peel, the result of a workshop done quite a few years ago.

Joe brought a Chevron Baby quilt.
Anne brought her finished Liberated Baskets quilt, the result of a workshop led by Gail, one of our members, in February of 2016.
And Lorna brought her finished hexagon quilt, the result of a workshop by Karen Howes, held in November of 2015. There are lots more photos of Al Cote’s workshop and also more show and tell pictures on the guild’s Picassa page here.

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