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Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekend reading.

Our speaker and workshop teacher for the month of March is Al Cote. So I thought I’d take a tour around the internet and see if I could find some information about him. All the links below are related to him. They are all written by people who have recently taken the class he will be teaching for us. I hope it’s helpful and inspirational and will encourage you to take his workshop.

Al Cote 1
Al Cote 2
Al Cote 3
Al Cote 4

Monday, February 22, 2016

The "London Caper" reminder

This is a reminder about the workshop/challenge day coming this Saturday, February 27th from 9am to 4pm. I’ve gotten the “inside scoop” on the upcoming caper, and it sounds like it will be a fun filled day. For $25.00 you can join in on all the capering going in. In addition, lunch will be provided. Add the the fun of capering around with like minded quilty friends, and what could be better? To sign up, email Lorraine at Once you sign up, a supplies list will be provided.
And if you need an added reason to go and join a group of friends for a fun sewing day, see this article here about the health benefits of crafting. The article is mostly talking about knitting but it also does say any other “crafting” activity is good.
Northcott fabrics is sponsoring this event, and has provided a prize. Almost 7 yards of fabric from one of their new fabric lines called Beacon Hill.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Workshop sign up post.

A couple of days ago I did up a post about the upcoming workshops, and how you could sign up for them, since our February meeting was cancelled due to weather. For some strange reason, the post went live properly, but never got delivered into people’s emails. So, I’m sending out this short post to notify you about that other post. Technology is great, except when it doesn’t work properly, at which point it becomes totally frustrating. So, go here for the original post with all the workshop information, and who to email if you want to participate.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog Sampler Flock of Flying Geese

This week’s block is called Flock of Flying Geese.

Cutting Instructions:

Light fabric:                     cut 1 square    @  3 7/8 inches
                                         cut 4 squares   @ 2 3/8 inches
Dark Fabric #1:                cut 1 square    @ 3 7/8 inches
Dark Fabric #2:                cut 2 squares   @ 2 3/8 inches
Dark Fabric #3:                cut 2 squares   @ 2 3/8 inches

Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of all of the light squares. Pair the light 3 7/8 inch fabric with the dark 3 7/8 inch fabric, right sides together. Sew a 1/4 inch seam on either side of the drawn line. Pair up the light 2 3/8 inch  squares with the dark 2 3/8 inch squares, right sides together and sew 1/4 inch seam on either side of the drawn line.

Cut all these units apart on the drawn lines and press towards the dark fabrics. Arrange as shown in the photo below and sew together.
Go here for the finishing instructions, keeping in mind that this one has the dark triangles on the outside.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Workshop Information for sign ups

How is everyone handling this sudden onset of winter? It’s been quite a shock, especially since it led to the cancelling of our February meeting. Because of that cancellation, we are putting up information about the coming workshops here on the blog. This is going to be a long post, with lots of information in it. Grab your favourite beverage and settle in for a bit. If you wish to sign up for one or more of our guild's workshops listed here, please contact Lorraine at

First up is the workshop on February 27th, called The London Caper. It’s a challenge workshop sponsored by Northcott Fabrics. They are providing us with a collection of fabric from one of their newer lines by Deborah Edwards. The fabrics are beautiful. The challenge has been designed to match the skill level of all participants. It will start at 9 am - punctuality is a must. Lunch is being provided. You can sign up for it by messaging Lorraine at the email address provided above.You can make your payment for it when you arrive at the workshop. The fee is $25.00. This challenge is also open to any non guild members who wish to participate.

Second is the workshop in March. This is being done by Al Cote’. He is the speaker for the March meeting and then his workshop will be on Friday, March 11. He and his wife owned and operated a quilt store for 11 years as a second career. The program committee has heard very good reports of his workshops from various other guilds. There are some pictures here of a workshop he did at the Orillia quilt guild. The $40.00 payment for this workshop can be done at the March meeting, but please don’t wait until then to sign up. It looks fascinating, and after all, since most of our beds and our walls have quilts, why not make some for the floors. The supply list for this workshop is:

- 3 to 5 different fabrics measuring 1/2 metre with a good selection of contrasting patterns and colours
- your sewing machine
- a  1/4 inch foot and a free motion or darning foot for your machine
- a small pair of VERY sharp scissors
- marking pencil or chalk
Again, contact Lorraine at the email address provided to sign up.

Third is the workshop in April. It will be held on Friday, April 15th.This is going to be by Joni Newman who will show us how to do stained glass quilts. She is offering a variety of patterns for sale for this workshop. We can either supply our own fabrics, or she also has kits for sale at various prices. I’ve included pictures of the various projects we can pick from. They are all gorgeous. We need to decide ahead of time which one we want to do so that the patterns and kits, if you want them, can be ordered ahead of time. The fee for this workshop is $40.00, plus the cost of the pattern and/or kit. Any questions you have can be answered at the March meeting. The kit prices include the black fabric. If we provide our own black, the prices would be $10-$15 less. Contact Lorraine to sign up for this workshop and Susan at with you pattern choice. Susan will then relay that information to Joni.


Here’s a description of the workshop and the supply list needed.

We have had requests from a couple of other guilds to pass on information to our members regarding some of their workshops, should any of us be interested.
The Thames Valley guild is hosting a Pineapple Block workshop with Shirley Bobier on Thursday March 10th The fee is $50.00 and includes the cost of the ruler. Contact Susan at
The Oxford Quilt guild is holding workshops with Elaine Quehl, Liberated Appliqué on March 3rd for $40.00 and Hosta Leaves on March 5th for $75.00. Contact Jean at

And finally, our Rummage sale will be held during the May guild meeting. So please hang onto your items for sale until then. And that’s all. Stay warm everyone, and see you in March.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tonight’s Meeting Cancelled

For the first time in a long time, we regret that we will be cancelling tonight’s meeting due to the weather. Environment Canada has issued a snow squall warning for this area and are predicting that it will continue into the evening.

We will be looking to re-schedule the rummage sale.
If you know of anyone who might not read this message on the blog, could you please contact them and pass the message on.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

February Meeting information

This month’s meeting is our annual rummage sale, the proceeds of which will go to financing stuff for the outreach committee, things like backings and battings and any fabrics needed. Please bring anything that you are interested in passing on to another quilter, whether it be fabric, books, patterns, magazines. I think it was approved that we could also bring yarn that might be looking to find new homes.  Please have prices displayed prominently on all your items, and price them to sell. Whatever doesn’t sell will need to be taken back home with you.
Because of the rummage sale, there won’t be a vendor this month. We’ll start the meeting with short reports from the various executive members and then go right to the rummage sale. There will be show and tell at the end of the meeting.
To go with February and Valentine’s Day, the notion of the month is anything “Hearts”.
Don’t forget about signing up for the various workshops that are happening in the next couple of months. At the end of February is this year’s version of the Scrap Challenge. Part of the challenge is not knowing what is going to be happening in it, so I can’t give you any more information about it. All who participated in last year’s challenge had a blast, so this should be a good one as well. In March there is a workshop scheduled by Al Cote for quilted rugs, which sounds fascinating. His website is here. In April Joni Newman will be doing a Stained Glass effect workshop. Her website is here. There are still seats available for the bus trip to Quilt Canada in Toronto in June.
As usual, if you bring the notion of the month, your name tag and chatelaine and your blog sampler blocks, you’ll receive a free ticket for the fat quarter draws.
See you Thursday, everyone.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Blog Sampler Louisiana

This week’s block is called Louisiana. If you followed the instructions from the last block, this is going to be an easy one.

Cutting instructions:

Light Fabric:    cut 4 rectangles @ 2 inches x 3 1/2 inches.

Arrange them as shown below with your flying geese left over from the last block and sew together.

 Go here for the finishing instructions, keeping in mind that the dark triangles are on the outside of this one.