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Friday, November 27, 2015

Weekend Reading

In my browsing around the internet, Facebook and blogs in the last little while, I’ve come across a few fun tutorials for making various quilt blocks and other useful objects. I’ll share a few of them here.

Four Patch Charm Square Quilt This is a great way to use up any charm packs you may have hanging around.
Denim Storage bins Do you have any old jeans hanging around? This is a good way to use them.
Faux Piped Binding Technique This is the technique I use on all my quilts.
Charm Pack Quilt idea Here’s another idea for those unused charm packs.
Trash to Treasure quilt blocks Here’s a great way to use up all those odd shapes leftover scraps we all seem to have hanging around.
Dots from Charm Packs And yet more uses for charm packs.

Have fun reading.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Blog Sampler Flying X

This week’s block is called Flying X

Cutting Instructions:

Light fabric- cut four squares @  2 inches x 2 inches
                     cut four squares @ 2 3/8 inches x 2 3/8 inches
Dark fabric- cut four squares @ 2 inches x 2 inches
                     cut four squares @ 2 3/8 inches x 2 3/8 inches

Take the four light squares measuring 2 3/8 inches and draw a diagonal line on each. Place these squares right sides together with the dark 2 3/8 inch squares and sew a scant 1/4 inch on either side of the drawn line. Cut these apart on the drawn line, and press towards the dark side of the triangle square. These should measure 2 inches square at this point.

Arrange your finished triangle squares with the 2 inch light and dark squares as shown in photo below and sew together.

Go here to find the finishing instructions, keeping in mind that this block has the dark triangles on the outside of the block.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Karen Howes English Paper Piecing Workshop

So, I have to apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures, and also the fact that there are so few of them. I’ve been trying to adjust the settings on the guild’s camera to reduce the amount of yellow in the pictures taken in the evening under the fluorescent lights during the meetings. Apparently that new setting doesn’t like to be used during daylight hours. Note to self.....  change the settings back for daylight pictures or use a different camera. As far as the number of pictures, I was so involved in doing the workshop, that I forgot about documenting it. And that is just proof of how good the workshop was!
The workshop was all about English Paper Piecing, also known as EPP. It isn’t just your average Grandmother’s Flower Garden any more. Karen started off showing us the basics of EPP.... the types of paper to use, how to fold our fabrics over the paper and basting them in place. She provided all the papers, gave us pre-basted pieces to show the different methods and then gave us three more pieces of paper and fabrics so that we could practice our basting and  practice the whip stitch for sewing them together. She took us through the process of fussy cutting motifs from various fabrics to achieve secondary designs and kaleidoscopic effects. Again, she provided the essentials for doing this particular technique, window templates for isolating the different parts of our fabrics, clear templates to draw around and the papers needed for making the hexagon rosettes. I think it was at this point that we broke for lunch. It was also at this point that I got so involved in playing with fabric and paper that the picture taking got eclipsed by the hexagon process.
After lunch she took us through the process for making six pieced hexagon variations. We had done homework before the workshop, so we had our fabric strips and pieces all ready for making our variations, which can be seen in Karen’s sample pieces. Karen was a great teacher, full of enthusiasm for her subject. The preparation she put into the workshop, and the materials that she provided to the participants left us in no doubt how to proceed and also were excellent for taking home for further work. Thank you Karen!
I also want to give a large shout out to Karen’s friend Debra. She was helpful during the workshop, kept Karen company when she wasn’t with us, and also did all the driving for Karen, both to get her here and home again, and also around the city while they were here. Thanks Debra!

Monday, November 16, 2015

November 12th Meeting

We all gathered together November 12th for our monthly meeting. As Snoopy the dog, from the Peanuts comic strip would say, it was a dark and windy night...... After all the executive reports were done, we were treated to a parade                   of all the quilts that have been finished for our Community Outreach Committee.                                 I forget the number of finished quilts that were shown, but it was at least a dozen. After seeing all those wonderful quilts, we took a break for shopping at our vendor of the month, Stitcharie from Wyoming. They now have joined our group of vendors who have a link on our right hand side bar.
After our break we were treated to a trunk show by Karen Howes. Karen blogs at Faeries and Fibres. Her blog is a wonderful read, and the pictures of her works are fabulous. To actually be able to see them in person was an awesome experience. There is so much detail in her quilts that pictures simply can’t do justice to. I have left all these pictures at the higher resolution, so they can be clicked on and “biggie sized” for a more detailed look. This is my personal favourite. She calls it 81 the Giant Monstrosity. It is full of hexagons, six sided stars and appliquéd baskets and flowers, all done by hand and then hand stitched to backgrounds. Like I said, pictures don’t do it justice. On closer inspection, there are butterflies among the flower baskets and an even closer look shows that there are butterflies scattered among the hexagons and stars. They are fussy cut from fabrics and then appliquéd in place. This next one was made from six sided stars and pieced hexagons. The colour on this one is way off, I think, but you can get the idea. The last one I’m showing here on the blog was a small piece that she did for her Mom, who loves bees. 
After Karen’s trunk show, we had member show and tell. Lyndsey J. brought her Jane Austen quilt to show. That border...... it’s full of one inch diamonds! Kim Z. showed a table runner. The details have unfortunately escaped from my mind. Susan D. showed us a quilt that she made for her daughter’s 31st birthday. Susan just finished it..... her daughter is now 40. There are many more photos from the meeting and the trunk show on our Picassa page here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Slight Change in Plans.....

Anne L., our co-chair for the program committee contacted me this morning with a request that I notify members that there has been a slight change in plans for our Thursday evening meeting. Our vendor for the evening has been changed. Rather than Marie from Stitch It Central in Ingersoll. it will now be Laurie, who has opened a new shop in Wyoming called Stitcharie.

See you Thursday, everyone.

Monday, November 9, 2015

It’s guild meeting week.....

Didn’t I just do this a week ago? Wasn’t the last meeting just a couple of days ago? Am I the only one who thinks that time is going way too fast? Please tell me I’m not.......
Anyway, the guild meeting is this week. Our speaker for November is Karen Howes. She has a blog that you can check out here. She is giving a trunk show of her quilts, and then is doing a workshop on English Paper Piecing on Friday. There is preparatory homework required for this workshop. Our vendor for the meeting is going to be Maria from Stitch It Central in Ingersoll.
Here are some reminders for what to bring to this meeting. Any of us who have made blocks for the charity quilt need to bring them to this meeting. Lorna will be sewing the quilt together this month in order to have it ready for donation before Christmas. If you have made any of the stockings for My SIster’s Place, please bring what you have done, so that we can get an idea of how many are done and how many more are needed. As stated in the last post, My Sister’s Place can only use them if they have enough for everyone. They estimate that they will need over 300.
Remember to bring and wear your name tag and your chatelaine. Each of these will get you a free ticket for the fat quarter draws. If you are following along on the blog sampler, bring this month’s finished blocks, which are the Pinwheel and the Hour Glass. Each of these will also get you a free ticket for the fat quarter draws.
Finally, our notion for the month is something purple. This is in honour of the organization called Take Back the Night, whose colour representation is purple. This month’s march to draw awareness to the cause of fighting violence against women is taking place this Friday at Victoria Park. I couldn’t find any information about this year’s activity, but here’s a link to a news article from last year. Take Back the Night.
As a reminder since winter is coming, when the weather is bad and it looks like the meeting might be cancelled due to weather conditions, check the blog directly. There is sometimes a delay between the post being written and its delivery to your emails. If the meeting has to be cancelled, notification will be here on the blog during the afternoon on the day of the meeting.
See you all Thursday.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

An update on the request for stockings

Hello Everyone,

During the October meeting there was a pattern for stockings passed out and members were requested to make some and bring them to the December meeting to be donated to My Sister’s Place. During conversations with the folks down at My Sister’s Place, we were notified that, unless there were stockings for everyone, they would not be able to use them. They don’t want to give them to some and not others. So, we would like to challenge our membership to meet the numbers they would need. My Sister’s Place thinks they will need over 300 stockings. We don’t need them until the December meeting. If you didn’t get a pattern and instructions for the stockings, they will be available  at the November meeting as well. It would be wonderful if we as a group can meet, and perhaps even excede the number of stockings My Sister’s Place will need. Thank you all, in advance, for your generosity. We can do this!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Weekend Reading.

I’m not normally going to do a sampler post and a weekend reading post in the same week. But somehow or other, I missed last Friday for this one. Whenever possible, if our speaker for the monthly meeting has an internet presence, I want to feature them on a weekend reading post before they come to speak. I think it will build up interest in them, and whet our appetites a bit for what they have to show and share and teach us. This month’s speaker is Karen Howes. She has a blog called Faeries and Fibres. I first came across her blog last year during a Canadian Blogathon, and I was blown away by the quilt she featured in her post. Keep in mind when you look at the quilting on the quilt she called Monster 81, that it was done on her domestic machine. I really hope she brings this one with her. I’d love to see it in person.

Monster 81

I don’t want to do too much here other than give a taste of what she does. Here’s part of a piece she’s working on based on various facets of living and the countryside in Cornwall England.


If you have more time, her blog is fascinating. She has tutorials on how to do English Paper Piecing. And she explains her thoughts on the creative process she uses very well.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Blog Sampler Pinwheel Block

This week’s Blog Sampler block is a Pinwheel.

Cutting Instructions:

Light fabric:   cut 2 squares  @  3 7/8 inches
Dark Fabric:  cut 2 squares  @ 3 7/8 inches

Assembly Instructions:

Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each of the light 3 7/8 inch squares. Place each of these light squares right sides together with the dark 3 7/8 inch squares. Sew a scant 1/4 inch seam on either side of the drawn line. Cut apart on the drawn line and press towards the dark triangle.
Arrange as shown in this photo, and sew together.
Go here for the finished block instructions, keeping in mind that this block has the light triangles on the outside.