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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 2015 Christmas Meeting

We gathered together on December 10th for our Christmas meeting.  And it started off with a bang. Back at the beginning of the year, Lorna, our fearless president, suggested that we donate some quilts to a needy family for Christmas. She passed out a pattern for a very simple block and asked guild members to make some blocks, and have them in her hands by the November meeting. Our members went home, and made enough blocks for not one, but two quilts. We ended up with 2 families that we were donating quilts for. Between the quilts that had been done for community outreach and the ones that Lorna organized, we met the number needed for both families. Well done everyone!! And then, if that wasn’t enough, the membership donated over 120 placemats for Meals on Wheels. There were also donations for My Sisters’ Place. We needed 300 stockings in order for everyone at My Sisters’ Place to receive one. We ended up with 425 stockings. In addition to all this, were donations of toiletries to also go to My Sisters’ Place. The table was full of the donations. What a fabulous giving group we have for our membership!
We then took a break for some goodies, some tea or other beverages and some shopping. Shirley from the Marsh Store was our vendor. 
After the break, the program committee had organized various Christmas crafts that we could participate in. There were some felt ornaments, 

napkin or paper folding, and a yoyo Christmas tree, to name a few.
A group of our members swapped post cards with a guild over in London England, and they showed what they received.
After all this there was still show and tell to see.

It was a wonderful meeting, packed full of all kinds of activities. There are more pictures of the meeting in the Picassa web album here.

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