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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blog Sampler Turnstile Block

This weeks block is the Turnstile Block.

Cutting Instructions:

Light fabric:    cut 2 squares   @ 3 7/8 inches. Cut these squares once along the diagonal.
                        cut 1 square   @  4 1/4 inches. Cut this square twice along the diagonals
Dark Fabric:  cut 1 square   @ 4 1/4 inches. Cut this square twice along the diagonals.

Assembly Instructions:

 Take the four triangles cut from the 4 1/4 inch light square and place them right sides together with the four triangles cut from the dark 4 1/4 inch square. In order to get the pieces to spin in the same direction, the orientation on the pieces as they go through your sewing machine is important. Please note the picture below. 
All of these pieces should go through this way, light on top and dark on bottom. The long edge of the triangles will be facing to the top and off to the left. You will be sewing down the shorter edge, from the narrow triangular tip down to the square bottom edge. Press towards the dark triangle.
Arrange these quarter square triangle units with the triangles cut from the light 3 7/8 inch squares, as shown in the photo.  Again, the orientation of these is important.Sew together along the long seams. Press towards the large light triangle.
Arrange your triangle units as shown, and sew together. Once more, the orientation of these is important.
Go here to find the instructions for finishing the block, keeping in mind that this block has the light large triangles on the outside edge.

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