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Friday, November 6, 2015

Weekend Reading.

I’m not normally going to do a sampler post and a weekend reading post in the same week. But somehow or other, I missed last Friday for this one. Whenever possible, if our speaker for the monthly meeting has an internet presence, I want to feature them on a weekend reading post before they come to speak. I think it will build up interest in them, and whet our appetites a bit for what they have to show and share and teach us. This month’s speaker is Karen Howes. She has a blog called Faeries and Fibres. I first came across her blog last year during a Canadian Blogathon, and I was blown away by the quilt she featured in her post. Keep in mind when you look at the quilting on the quilt she called Monster 81, that it was done on her domestic machine. I really hope she brings this one with her. I’d love to see it in person.

Monster 81

I don’t want to do too much here other than give a taste of what she does. Here’s part of a piece she’s working on based on various facets of living and the countryside in Cornwall England.


If you have more time, her blog is fascinating. She has tutorials on how to do English Paper Piecing. And she explains her thoughts on the creative process she uses very well.

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