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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Quilters on Vacation

For quilters, vacation trips extend beyond the summer months. It's a vacation every time we can go on a road trip and shop hop. Maureen H. and her husband took a few days vacation earlier this month and did some shop hopping.  She sent me an email describing their travels. I'll let her own words tell you about it.

If you are still doing Quilters on Vacation, here are some pictures of our latest camping trip.  We do lots of day trips while camping and stopping at quilt shops is always a priority!
The first and 2nd photos are from Threads that Bind in Maxwell, ON

3rd photo- a Mennonite quilt shop near Tiverton

4th and 5th-another Mennonite shop not far from Kincardine, the 5th pic shows some of their other goods that are for sale

6th photo should be for the Woodworker on Vacation site-one of Dave's favourite places-Welbecks Sawmill and Store near Durham

We also stopped at Quilters Line in Markdale and Shoreline Quilts in Port Elgin

Thanks, Maureen, for showing us those pictures.  

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