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Monday, September 7, 2015

Quilters on Vacation

Micki emailed me a couple of pictures that she took while on her travels through Europe. She says:
"The first one was taken in England.  We were visiting friends and were in Canterbury and saw a farmers market.  As we strolled through it, I found this stall that was selling fabric from large bolts.  Price was quite reasonable but I did not buy anything! 

The last picture was taken in Rouen, France.  We were on a walking tour and happened upon this quilt store.  After the tour we went back only to discover the store was closed due to holidays.  I took this picture thru' the window.

She also sent a couple of pictures of the trailer the guild purchased last year for storing our quilt show supplies. Ray Campbell and a friend of his did a great job of building some shelves into it, and helping to get it organized. A great big thanks from all of us goes out to them.

Micki says that " Ray Campbell (Tiny's husband ) came with his friend Frank, and together they worked on putting shelves into our new trailer.   I then, did an inventory of everything we had and put in into the trailer in some kind of order. Looks good, eh! Last week Lorna and I went to Edith's and picked up the remaining quilt show stuff and it too is now in the trailer.  Everything in one spot!"
Come next year, and quilt show time, this is going to make life so much easier for those who are setting up and tearing down. No more scrambling around to find vehicles big enough to carry everything!
Thanks Micki, for the pictures of your travels and the update on the trailer.

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