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Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Travels Quilt Sightings

During their travels this summer, Lorraine J. and her daughter Lyndsey were able to attend the Edmonton Festival of Quilts show. Lorraine sent in a few pictures of what they saw.
Here's a picture of Lyndsey, standing in front of a display of small quilts. The portrait ones look fabulous.

This pineapple variation has wonderful colours, and it looks like it took a well deserved prize.

This next one was made from 199 thin strips of batiks in order to depict the classic Alberta prairie landscape.

A quilt full of fun and beautiful houses and neighbourhoods.

This last picture is on one of their guild challenges. Lorraine also said that there were memorial quilts done for members who had dies recently. She states, "what a lovely idea".

If you have had any quilt sightings in your travels this summer, or are planning any, send the pictures and a brief description to me caleeshepherd @ (remove the spaces in the address when emailing me.) I'm sure the rest of us would love to enjoy the eye candy.

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