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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Quilt Sightings in Amsterdam

Hi all,

Well, it's more like quilt shop and quilt fabric sighting in this one. Kathy V. sent me these pictures, along with a description of where she was, and what she found. She says:

" Here are a few pictures of the quilt shop I visited in Amsterdam this spring. The place I went to was really 2 stores in one.

The one I took the pictures of sold only Dutch fabric. I have never seen anything else quite like it. It's quite flowery, chintz I guess you would call it.
I mainly purchased a lot of fat quarters that were pretty much the same but in different colours.
They also sold a very long 8 in. wide border fabric that I also bought.  I don't really remember the prices but it wasn't too bad. I will send you a picture of my purchases (on my ipad). I think I spent about $150 for what you will see in the picture but I don't really remember. ( I try not to think about that stuff too much)!
The other store which was on the sidewalk level was all stuff that is available here and I didn't even really look at it much because it was too expensive. It's bad enough to buy it in Canadian dollars so why pay double for it elsewhere?
I'm not too sure what I will do with my purchases but I hope I don't just let them sit in a drawer!
We also went to a fabric store in Bruges Belgium but it was also mainly American fabric and too expensive.
Those were the only stores I could find on the internet in that area."

Thanks for sharing, Kathy.

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