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Friday, July 31, 2015

July Sew-in Day

Somewhere between 12-15 ladies got together on July 25th for a mid-summer sewing day. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend for the full day. But I did pop in at about 3pm to get a few pictures of what they were up to. Some of the attendees had left, but a few die-hards were still there.

Lorna was there, working on finishing up her Canadiana Row Quilt form last year. She was also working on machine quilting a Quilt of Valour. 

Joy was there, working on a child's quilt, made of dragon fabrics. Here's a close up of the dragons, great fabric for any child.

Barb was there, working on a quilt made of Economy Blocks.

Edith and Penny were both there, with a large supply of quilts for our Children's Aid outreach and also for Quilts of Valour. Edith was preparing a couple of backs for children's quilts.

Lisa was working on a quilt and pillow case for the Children's Aid.

Another of the ladies was working on this quilt for one of her grand children, I believe is what she said. Unfortunately, I've forgotten who that was. Can anybody enlighten me, and I'll edit this and add her name. I must confess here and now to being terrible at remembering names.

The same goes for this next quilt, I've forgotten who was working on it, but it sure is a great pattern. Four patches and Snow Ball blocks, combined to look like Bow Ties.

It looks like a good and productive day was had by all. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be there for the day.

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