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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Amazing Scrap Challenge

A group of LFQG members got together on Feb 28th to participate in the Amazing Scrap Challenge.
Each participant was given a bag of poker chips and a Bingo Card Challenge Sheet.  Each square of the Bingo Card had a different quilt themed challenge (eg-make a 9 patch, make a friendship star, make prairie points). 
We were also given a cheat sheet with diagrams of different blocks (without measurements).
Cheat Sheet

We were allowed to use 1 metre of a background fabric and 1 fat quarter of our own fabric.  We then had to pick a closed mystery box that contained scraps of fabric (most boxes were either colour or theme coordinated).  The boxes had been weighed so everyone started with the same weight of fabric.

Mystery Boxes of Fabric

 We were each  given a fat quarter of the same fabric that was donated by Northcott Fabrics.

Fat quarter donated by Northcott Fabrics

The object of the Challenge was to accumulate as many poker chips as possible by making a quilt top at least 96" in circumference using as much of the fabric in the box and to include as many of the challenges from the bingo card as possible.  For each challenge completed you received a poker chip and for each line of the card completed you received 4 chips.
You could also spend chips by buying fabric from the scrap fabric pile or by looking through some books for inspiration.  All of the fabric scraps for the mystery boxes and for the scrap pile were donated by the members of the Program Committee from their own stashes!
The scrap pile

If you didn't like the fabrics in your mystery box you could turn it in and buy another closed box (1 time only).
All morning there was a flurry of activity as quilters formulated plans, measured and cut fabrics and started making blocks.  Every hour there was a draw for a door prize.

Erika measuring her fabric

Lorraine making Hexies

Evelyn making 9 patches

At noon we stopped for a lunch break, then it was back to the sewing machines.  Everyone was trying to get their tops together and finish the challenges to get as many poker chips as possible.
At 4 PM the Challenge ended and every scrap of unused fabric was put back into the boxes.  Each box was reweighed and chips were awarded for the percentage of fabric used.  The quilt tops were measured and those that met or exceeded the required size were given more chips.

Helen's Little Boy Quilt Top

Edith's Elvis Themed Quilt Top

Mary's House and Garden Quilt top

Each quilter's chips were counted and Maureen H. was awarded first prize for accumulating 63 chips.
Maureen's Blue Blocks Quilt top
 Maureen received a lovely basket of fabric donated by Northcott Fabrics.
Fabric Basket prize

We were then treated to a wonderful dinner of Lasagna and Caeser Salad supplied by Debbie M from Pizza Vera  and a lovely "Go Scrappers Go" cake.
Debbie M serving Lasagna to Erika

"Go Scrappers Go" Cake

It was a Fun and "Challenging" day.

Scrappers and their Tops

 Many thanks to Charlene O. for coming up with this great idea and to the rest of the Program Committee for all of their hard work in putting this day together!!

3 members of our hard working Program Committee
Charlene, Lorna and Megan


 To see more pictures from The Amazing Scrap Challenge click here.

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