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Monday, October 27, 2014

Road to Friendships Quilt Show 2014

What a great show!  That was one of many compliments heard from people who attended our LFQG Quilt Show on October 17th & 18th.  Congratulations and thank you to Quilt Show Chairperson Charlene and her committee for all of their hard work.  It made this event a huge success.  Thank you also to all of the guild members who volunteered their time and talents working in the different areas of the quilt show.

Liz G and Ruth M at the Welcome Table

Lorraine J and Kathy V at the Information Table

Micki A in action at the Tea Room

Donna M at the Members' Booth

To see more pictures of the quilt show, click here.

The following is a quilt show report form Charlene.

"A Road to Friendships" was the theme of our bi-annual quilt show held on October 17th and 18th at Oakridge Presbyterian Church.  Judging from  comments received  during the 2 days of the show and the days following I think saying our show was a success is an understatement.  Over 530 guests attended the quilt show which featured 11 vendors, an antique sewing machine display,  demonstrations and a display of over 140 quilts of all sizes.
One of the main focuses of the quilt show committee was to illustrate to our guests who we are as a community.  This was the theme behind the main hall displays which featured an information table as well as Community Outreach and Program Committee displays.
Another focus of the show was a Raffle Quilt featured beside the Welcome desk.  This quilt was made of red and white London Road blocks donated by members.  The quilt was won by Kaitlyn Robinson of London.

For members of the quilt show committee there were many moments over the two days where compliments from our guests were touching and almost overwhelming.  One of the best moments for me came when I was showing a non-quilter around the quilts on display -- she was in awe and stated that she had no idea of what quilting really was until then.  That to me illustrated our success and showed one more person what a beautiful quilt can be."

Charlene O-Quilt Show Chairperson Extraordinaire!

Of course, the main focus of the show was the Quilts!  It was a wonderful display of  talent and diversity.

Ring Around the Posies-Lynda W

Anniversary Quilt-Micki A

Black and White-Karen C.

Sewing Basket-Gail ML
Buzz Bee-Cynthia N
Busted-Kristyn M.

Petals and Circles-Kay S


To see more pictures of the quilts click here.
I attempted to take a picture of every quilt or quilted item on display.  If I missed your quilt, I apologize.  Please let me know and I will take a picture of it at the next guild meeting and include it in the album.

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