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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

London Roads Quilt

A message from Charlene (Quilt Show Coordinator):

The raffle quilt has been pieced and is in the process of being quilted by Cathy Shepherd. Thank you to all the members who contributed blocks for the setting.  We were able to use most of the blocks in the front - the excess blocks will be used in the quilt back -- so every donated block has been utilized.   A big thanks to Amalia S, Lorna M., Cathy S., Tiny C, Edith W for spending a Saturday piecing the blocks together.  Our goal is to have it completed for  display on August 23rd when we will be at the Whiteoaks Mall selling raffle tickets.  We are also in the process of arranging other venues to sell tickets this fall.
If anyone is able to donate an hour or two of their time on August 23rd to sell tickets please contact Charlene  at 519-686-8892 or by email
London Roads Quilt Top

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