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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Annual Banquet

On Thursday, June 12th we celebrated a great LFQG year by having our Annual Banquet.  This year's banquet was held at a very unique venue, Fanshawe Pioneer Village.  The dinner was held in the Miller Barn.  The dinner was very nice (either chicken or salmon) and the dessert was delicious Strawberry Shortcake.

Miller Barn
Conversation before Dinner
After dinner we were introduced to Shanna Dunlop, the Museum Curator for the Village
Shanna Dunlop
Shanna told us about the Museum's mandate to not only to talk about the history, but to also demonstrate it.  Shanna took us on a walk to the Jury House, boyhood home of Wilfrid Jury, the founder of Fanshawe Pioneer Village. 
Jury House
There is a hand quilting frame set up in the house.  Volunteers demonstrate hand quilting and invite visitors to join them and put a few stitches into the quilt.  There are also antique quilts on the beds in the house.

We then walked to the Spriet Family Visitor Centre, where the museum’s collection of quilts and other textiles are stored.
Walking around in the Village

One of the many groundhogs in the village

 We were able to see only a small portion of the quilts in the collection.

Made from off cuts from skirts

Star Signature quilt

Crazy Quilt with Needle Punch Applique

Log Cabin Quilt
Star Quilt
Hexagon Quilt top with paper still inside

Scrap quilt-Medallion setting

Pillow and a quilt top made from fabric inserts from tobacco tins

Some of the quilts were in very fragile condition.  It would have been nice to have seen more of the quilts, but in the storage area there wasn’t anywhere to display a lot of quilts.

It was a very enjoyable evening and a great way to finish up the guild year.  It was great to visit a local attraction that has lots to offer and I plan on going back in the near future.

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Congratulations to guild member Lyndsey J.  Lyndsey received her Master of Library Science degree from Western University this week.  Wow, Lyndsey, you must be a great multi-tasker to quilt and finish a Master's degree at the same time!

Lyndsey J.

To all guild members-have a great summer, keep quilting and remember to take pictures if you have any quilting adventures this summer!
See you in September!

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