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Monday, April 14, 2014

STITCH AND FLIP workshop with Jacquie Gering

Saturday, April 12th dawned bright and early for a group of excited LFQG quilters as we set up our sewing machines and lovingly arranged our fabric scraps for a workshop with Jacquie Gering of Chicago.  We had a wonderful time.  Jacquie is such a great teacher and was there with us every step of the way giving us encouragement and ideas and helping us figure out which way on earth this triangle should face!!  There was lots of laughter (and some coffee!) to chase away any remnants of grogginess.

Jacquie getting ready to teach :-)

Jacquie began by explaining how to make the various units and then set us loose chain piecing the units so we could begin experimenting with layouts.  That's when the real buzz began around the room and we were able to look around and see lots of cool ideas percolating on various design walls.  We learned the importance of pinning the units to the design walls as some of us had the misfortune of having them flutter to the ground. 

explaining the various block types that can be made

 ........what happens if you flip the different style blocks around

showing various layouts and designs

Lorna's layout

Tiny making letters

Carol is trying out a wedding ring
Rose got her first swirl sewn together

Thank you Jacquie for coming to Canada to inspire us!  It was a wonderful day.  To see more pictures of the workshop day, click here

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