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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kathy Wagner's miniature workshop

On Friday, the LFQG was treated to an intense, mind boggling lesson in quilter's thriftiness!! We have a whole new way of looking at garbage! Unbelievable, what this talented quilter comes up with from the trimmings of half square triangle blocks!!!!! And, it's not difficult either....well at least if you stick to the trimmings and don't try to make tulip blocks from 3/4" finished triangle squares with 16 units to a tiny tulip!! Lynne and Jacqui were crazy enough to tackle that block and what fun we had LOL. Our minds were whirling with the possibilites. We had a wonderful day. Here is Kathy with the introduction and hints on how to pick up those tiny pieces :-)!

Nancy is concentrating on cutting:

Karen is smiling and seems to be enjoying this:

Pauline and Micki working hard:

Beth and her lovely turquoise 9 patch blocks:

check out the concentration :-)

Jacqui trying to hang on to the 3/4" squares and get them into the machine:

Gail trimming half square triangles:

Mary contemplating the next instructions with her lovely pile of 9 patches ready:

Barb working on her blocks:

A few of Kathy's little quilts:

Click here for more pictures of the workshop day. Now to see if we can get a few of these little quilts done for show and tell at the next meeting.

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