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Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Meeting

The Christmas meeting was held on December 8, 2012. Members were greeted with Christmas music and a slip of paper at the door with the name of a quilt block on it directing them to sit at a table marked with that block:

There were actual blocks identifying the table together with the name of the block.

The idea was to mix everyone up and to get to know different members of the guild. Members were also instructed prior to the meeting to bring along a favourite notion or gadget. Introductions were held around the table and each member showed their item and explained why it was their favourite. Micki distributed beautiful FQ's to each table and Gail read a Christmas story about Mr. and Mrs. Wright baking cookies for Santa. Whenever we heard right or left, we passed the FQ around the table in the proper direction. At the end of the story, we kept the FQ that was in our hand.

A representative from Meals on Wheels came to accept the place mats that were made. He mentioned that the clients really look forward to their placemats! A huge thank you to all members who made these lovely placemats.

There was a large stack of them!!

Members also brought along some Christmas baking and the guild supplied tea and juice and some fruit for our special Christmas break.

Our featured vendor was Shirley of the Marsh Store in Coldstream. Members had a good time browsing the wonderful items. Shirley also brought along several bolts of fabric suitable for the upcoming Spinning Four Patch class.

Penny had her stash of fabrics/quilts for members to take home if they wished to work on Kid's Quilts over the holidays:

Thanks Micki and the Program Committee for organizing a wonderful Christmas meeting for our members. Everyone seemed to enjoy the program!

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