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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kathy Wylie's Sewflakes Workshop

After seeing Kathy K Wylie's presentation on Thursday evening you can be certain that those of us signed up to attend her workshop were quite excited at the prospect of learning the techniques that Kathy was about to share. Before the end of the day, we too, were going to be able to design our very own “sewflakes”!

The morning began with us all happily folding paper, a quick math lesson taught us the number of repeats various folds and angles would yield. In no time at all we had mastered the folds needed to create sewflakes that would give us 4, 6, 8 12 and even a little tricky 5 repeat design.

Armed with demonstrations, lots of samples, clear instructions, along with Kathy's guidance and
encouragement, we were set loose to fold, draw, cut and design. Not only sewflakes but wonderful frames as well.

Little bits of paper were everywhere as amazing images began to emerge. There were circles of
snowmen, cats, flowers, leaves, apples, insects, hearts, and angels. It was so much fun to watch as each new design was pinned to the board for all to see, admire and be inspired by.

Lunch time!

After lunch we were treated to some up close time with Kathy's quilts as she explained her techniques in greater detail and shared a few extra tips with us. She even gave us a demonstration of her preferred method for needle turn applique.

Then it was back to our papers; we were about to take our design onto the next step. It was time to tweak our designs and turn them into patterns. Patterns we could then render in fabric, creating our very own one of a kind sewflake quilt block. Can't wait to see these gems at the next show and tell!

....with thanks to Jill B and Chris B for the write and photographs

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