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Friday, September 2, 2011

Quilters on Vacation to BC

I (Jacqui VMS) went to BC this summer for two weeks. I even found three lovely quilt shops. This one was in Fort Langley, A Quilted Stitch:

The Rocky Mountaineer train went by while I was taking photos....this shop provides chairs for husbands to sit outside and enjoy the scenery :-)

We also visited Tangled Threads in Lynden Washington, a Dutch themed town, a short distance from the Canadian/US border in Abbotsford. We arrived just as she was closing, but let us take a quick peek through the store while she collected her things. Here is Susie Spools welcoming us to the shop:

Definitely a Dutch town :-):

I also visited Hamel's in Chilliwack/Sardis. It was in a building right on a farm property and is on the Chilliwack area farm tour. It also had a spot to sit outside :

There are two floors of lovely fabric and the ladies were very friendly there:

This quilt was hanging outside to welcome us:

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