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Friday, May 20, 2011

Kenya Quilt Guild

Our guild made a donation to the Female Fistula Centre at Kenyatta National Hospital, which is the main public hospital in Nairobi via the Kenya Quilt Guild. Our donation can make such a difference there. You can read more info on this guild at the link above. They meet in Nairobi, Kenya. The guild also sent two videos which are in our guild library.

Our guild is exploring possible ways of connecting with the Kenya Quilt Guild and getting to know one another on an international level.

Here is a little more information on Fistula:

Obstetric fistula is an injury resulting from childbirth which occurs when emergency obstetric care is not available to women who develop complications during childbirth. Typically the baby dies, and the woman is left with chronic incontinence. Because of her inability to control her urine or faeces, she is often abandoned or neglected by her husband and family and ostracized by her community. Left untreated, obstetric fistula can lead to frequent ulcerations and infections, and kidney disease.. These medical consequences, coupled with social and economic problems, contribute to a general decline in health and well-being that frequently results in early death.

In Kenya, many young girls living in remote rural communities are married when they reach puberty, and they generally become pregnant shortly afterwards. A combination of poverty and childbearing before the pelvis is fully developed, combined with malnutrition, small stature and general poor health, all contribute to obstructed labour and obstetric fistula.

Kenya records at least 1,000 new fistula cases annually, with thousands of cases pending surgery. The cost of fistula surgery is approximately $100, however, even this small amount is way beyond many women living in rural communities. The Kenya Quilt Guild has been donating funds to Kijabe Mission Hospital, but there also a number of other mission hospitals in Kenya that will perform the surgery at low cost for women that are unable to pay. We arranged for the funds to be sent to the Kenya Quilt Guild to donate on our behalf and also to ensure the money is used appropriately.

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