Monday, April 25, 2011

Bev White's Presentation at the April Guild meeting

Bev White, from Elginfield, ON was our speaker at the April London Friendship Guild Meeting. She was a wonderful, down to earth, encouraging speaker and had lots of quilts with her for her trunk show. Bev experiments with a number of different styles and mediums, so there was something to delight everyone in the guild. Here is Bev ready to begin her trunk show:

Finding the right quilt to match the story:

A lovely stars quilt:

There were lots of large quilts.....

.....and small quilts:

This was an awesome quilt with small pockets....inside each pocket is a plastic bread tie (did I mention that she uses a variety of items for her quilts? :-):

Rose with another one of Bev's little quilts:

A lovely striped quilt....sorry about the colour on this quilt...the fluorescent lights do strange things to the colours :-(.

There are more photos on our web album.

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Maggie R said...

I LOVED the "bread-tie" quilt...
I am now saving bread-ties!!