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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bev White's Crazy quilt workshop

Friday, April, 15th 2011

On this day, guild members enjoyed a fabulous workshop conducted by Bev White.
Bev is a wonderfully talented fibre artist and terrific instructor with wealth of knowledge on many topics and we were happily soaking it all in. It was a relaxed day, filled with fun, laughter and absolutely NO mistakes......mistakes just don't happen in Bev's workshop........they are all opportunities...... each and every one!
Bev not only explained and demonstrated in detail, crazy quilting techniques, but also provided one on one guidance as we took our threaded needles to cloth. She taught us how to “tame” our thread, provided us with many tips including the use of various thread types.......and even quizzed us to be certain we were paying attention.
Once we were able to master (well almost) some basic hand embroidery stitches, Bev showed us how these basic stitches could be combined to create an infinite array of designs that we will be able incorporate into our work.
Bev also shared with us, photos and information regarding an Organization that she is very passionate about called Sleeping Children Around The can learn more about this worthwhile organization here

Throughout the day, Bev offered help, encouragement and inspiration, giving us confidence to handle the various challenges we might face as we put together our bits and pieces. As a matter of fact, each participant is probably home now searching through their junk drawers for all sorts of fantastic treasure that will gain new life on their crazy quilt projects.

while Bev does not have a web site, you can visit her Flickr page here
where she shares not only her spectacular works but some amazing photographic work as well

Contributed by Jill Buckley

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