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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AGM and Northcott Fabrics

Whew! what a crazy meeting! Packed with all sorts of goodies!

First up, it was Patti Carey from Northcott Silk Inc. As a quilt designer, it's her job to take their latest designs and create wonderful quilts out of them so that we will be tempted to buy their fabric. These patterns then become featured in magazines, such as Fons and Porter or trade magazines, or as samples that are shown to quilt stores, or even free patterns that are available on their website.

Patti prides herself in creating quilts out of those hard to use fabrics, like panels and borders, or stripes, or fabrics featuring colour gradiation.
She tries to come up with interesting and innovative ways to use these fabrics.

Each project brings its own challenges and decisions. Patti likes playing with light and dark...for example she knew she was going to use this particular fabric for the border, but which one... dark or light....why not both? Using both, she turned ordinary into interesting!

LFQG wants to thank Patti for a wonderful trunk show! For more of Patti's quilts, check them out here.
Then it was break time! Christine outdid herself this time, creating a party atmosphere with these wonderful cakes for snack!

It was also time for the final row robin exchange. Here is a sneak peek at one person's collection of rows! Now our participants will take their 5 rows home and create a final quilt top, to be revealed at our September meeting and shown at the Harvest of Quilts Show in October.

Break time over, it was on the AGM.
Our new Executive will consist of the following:
President - Rose B
Past President - Cynthia MR
Vice-President - Maria F
Secretary - Maureen H
Blog- Jacqui VMS (assisted by Carol V)
Library - Frances K & Susan L
Newsletter - Jill B
Outreach - Penny H, Elaine T
All were accepted in a vote.
The Treasurer will be announced and voted on at the June Banquet.
The year end reports were emailed out prior to the meeting and copies were on hand for the meeting. There were no questions regarding the reports.
The final portion of the meeting consisted of a regular show and share and the submissions of the London Challenge. (see other blog post)

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