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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Renske Helmuth: Landscape Workshop

This was a great workshop to learn the basics of landscape quilting. Renske provided the basics in applique as well as learning how to choose the right fabrics and it all starts with the sky. The sky fabric sets the tone for the rest of the colours you will need for your landscape.

She showed us how she gets inspiration from art books and how to make your own sky fabric from photographs.

Landscape applique is all about working from the top to the bottom. She uses a cut-away method to line up your fabrics.

We worked hard all day, taking a break for lunch and another show and tell of her landscape pieces. Renske is a very organized teacher and we stopped at certain times for each new lesson. Even still we each worked at our own pace, as you can see by the photo below.

At the end of the day, we placed all our landscapes on one table to show how different each one looked just by our fabric choices. She then showed us how we could audition our pieces with a frame.

Thanks Renske, we all learned a lot and are ready for more!

Guest Speaker: Renske Helmuth

Renske Helmuth entertained us with an amazing trunk show! Although trained in sewing, crocheting, and knitting in her native Friesland, it was until she immigrated to Canada that she took up quilting. One of her first teachers was Rosemary Makhan, and you can see that influence throughout her work.

Many of her early works were done in the Baltimore Album style. Beautiful applique of ribbon flowers, "critters", and many birds that have landed on her bird feeders. She has entered her quilts for judging in many contests and has won awards, but enters less frequently and only if she is passionate about the contest.
She has, however, had a longstanding involvement in the annual New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale and Auction. She works on the committee that coordinates those quilts. Renske was so inspired by the book A Gift of Wings by Carl Hiebert, that she asked him for permission to use his photos as inspiration to make quilts for the Relief Sale. This group quilt effort raised over $11 ooo!
This piece below is Renske's interpretation of one of Carl's photos:

One quilt that she is particularly proud of, is an interpretation of her native family farm in Friesland. Working from a photograph and her memories, she created this gorgeous quilt of her family home! It wasn't until she found the perfect piece of fabric that represented the brick for building did the whole piece come together.

She "thread painted" the trees:

Much of her passion for quilted landscape art grew through making Christmas cards and postcards for family and friends. She later discovered Sashiko and has done many quilts in a Japanese style incorporating the Sashiko into the quilting.

And there was so much more, I took many photos! You can view more of them here. The LFQGuild would like to thank Renske for a gorgeous trunk show!

Guild Business

Quilt Show Committee
Lorraine S had the pleasure of introducing the 2010 Harvest of Quilts Show Committee at the meeting. A message from the various committee members can be found in the April/May newsletter. Your Quilt Show Committee members are:
Chair: Maria D, VP LFQG
Volunteer Coordinators: Edith W and Lorraine J.
Sign up sheets will be available at each meeting.
Publicity: Jessie G
Jessie reported that flyers and bookmarks were ready to be distributed. If anyone would like to take some to distribute please contact her.
Vendors Mall: Teresa DJ
Teresa DJ reported that the we have an almost full slate of merchants for the Vendors Mall!
Quilt Show Registration: Pat F
Deadline for registration of your quilts is September 9, 2010. Registration form can be found in the April/May issue of the newsletter or request an email
version by emailing her.
Toonie Table: Penny H
Penny is looking for donations of small quilted items for the Toonie Table. Money raised from the Toonie Table goes to buy supplies for the Outreach Program.
Tea Room: Lorraine S, Rachel M, Kim Z
Donations of baked goods for the Tea Room will be accepted at the September meeting.
Structure of the Executive Committee:
It has been brought up at a few executive meetings that some executive positions are a little more labour intensive than others. It was suggested that perhaps a restructuring of duties may be in order. However, any change to the Executive can only be done at an AGM with proper notice. Rose proposed that a committee to study the structure of a Quilters Guild Executive should be formed to make recommendations that can be voted on at the May 2011 AGM. Gail ML volunteered to head that committee. She will be looking for a few more volunteers to help in this endeavour. If you are interested in being on the committee please see Gail M-L.
Pillow Case Challenge
Micki A has asked our guild to take up the American Patchwork and Quilting One Million Pillowcase Challenge. All you have to do is make a couple of pillowcases for charity. We will be donating our pillowcases to Teen Challenge Farm (so no girly fabric for those) and Micki will be looking into finding a second charity, as well. The deadline for pillowcases will be our December 2010 meeting.

President's Challenge
Just a reminder that there is only one month left for the big reveal of the London Challenge. These pieces will be collected and displayed as a welcoming gesture for those attending the CQA/ACC Quilt Ontario 2011 London event. The more we have the more impressive it will be!

May is the guild's AGM. At this meeting, we elect our new slate of Executive members. Being on the Executive is a rewarding experience, you get a chance to know the guild from the inside out. It is team work! No one carries the burden alone! Perks include being the first to sign up for workshops! Being part of the planning of events (All Sunbonnet Sue, all the time! yes! what?outvoted?better luck next time!) Camraderie! Tea Parties, once a month, and of course there is the secret handshake! (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!) If you would like to try a term on the executive contact Rose B.


Penny reported another 27 quilts to CAS! Way to go!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 8, 7 PM

Guest Speaker
Renske Helmuth, a Dutch immigrant, has won many awards for her quilts, many of which represent Canada and Canadian nature, particularly "Springtime in Ontario" (above). She will also be doing a landscape workshop on Friday, April 9. (full)
Check your email, for the latest LFQG newsletter, and if you receive the hard copy, it will be available at the welcome table.

Secret Notion:
April showers bring May flowers! The secret notion for this month is an umbrella! Real or representative! If you have the April 2008 issue of Quilters Newsletter lying around there is a pattern for a paper-pieced umbrella...and of course there is always Sunbonnet Sue or Sam! Bring some sort of umbrella, your nametag and chatelaine and receive tickets for each item you bring for the fat quarter draw!

Show and Share
Fabric Postcards
Row Robin
President's Challenge: Welcome to London, due May meeting
June Banquet, Highland Golf & Country Club, guest Cathy Miller, cost $40