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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quilters on Vacation: South Carolina & Georgia

From Gail M-L:
Here are some interesting quilt shop signs from our family trip to South Carolina and Georgia this past March Break. My husband did some research to find some good quilt shops for us to stop at on our travels. How many of you would like to frequent the "Cut Loose Lounge"? "Sew Be It" was in Ringold, Georgia.

We stopped at "Sew Much Fun" in Columbus, Georgia to give Linda, a quilter who works at this store, a table runner that I had made for her for the Quilted Table Yahoo Group Spring Table Runner Swap. The store was closed, but she opened it up just for us.

"People, Places and Quilts" was in Charleston, South Carolina. This store had beautiful fabrics as well as very friendly and helpful staff. I purchased a kit to make the brown and pink quilt shown in the picture. (I have not started to work on it yet...)

I actually did a little stash enhancement at all of the stores we visited. The three antique quilts were on display at a museum at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quilters on Vacation: New Brunswick

Loving the cottage country of Baie-Stainte-Anne New Brunswick & not venturing out to visit any quilt shops till company arrived...yes Ann R. made it all the way out here! We took advantage of the guidance of a Miramichi Guild member, Elizabeth L, who I met at my 1st Hootenay to show us the direction around the Miramichi River to formerly known as Chatham & Newcastle. Today those 2 towns & surrounding areas are known as the City of Miramichi ( I knew of the Miramichi Dragway! I hope to do the 1/4 mile next summer) Yes 2 quiltshops were visited that day, supporting the economy in NB.

The 1st shop was in the old part of Chatham, a converted Victorian home with lots of charm, owned by Trudy & Steve Williston(formerly from ON) called Pins & Needles Fabric & Yarn. One room was a classroom, which I've been invited to bring my sewing machine & spend the day with Trudy, what fun I'm having out here! The other 2 rooms had the quilt & a smaller area for yarn supplies, very nice place with the family antiques holding kits, supplies & cash register.

The 2nd was located in Newcastle on Veterans Lane(Town Hill) & was a huge incline, must be frightful in the winter. Owned & operated by Tineke Bosma, also a Miramichi Guild member, their guild meets every Tuesday evening & some Saturday's too. I should be able to get afew meetings in before going home in October. Tineke had quilting & other supplies for drapery & home decorating, Ann & I had a wonderful afternoon with Elizabeth as our guide. There I found my precious William Morris on sale for 4.50 per meter, I purchased the last 2 meters. Yes to find the find!

I also put a call in to PEI to mail order a pattern, kit, &fabric, she told me since I lived on the Acadian Coast & she & her husband like to 'come off the island' she would let me know when she would be in the area to deliver it to the Baie! Life has been so different out here & the people are wonderful. I'll tell a few stories when I get being lost in the woods for 3 1/2 hrs & having the RCMP come to the rescue, oh my do not trust the Garmin GPS!
Quilting in another province & loving it!
Cynthia M-R

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quilters on Vacation: St. Mary's to Peterborough

Cynthia N and mother enjoyed a few days away this summer combining their respective hobbies of quilting and genealogy. During a quick trip to Peterborough to meet and confer with a newly discovered relative, Cynthia took advantage of the drive to drop in at a few quilt shops along the way! First was a visit to Simply Sew in St. Mary's.

Followed quickly by a stop in Stratford at Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe. Eventually, and with the aid of her GPS, Cynthia found the Hobby Horse just outside of Georgetown.

It's tricky to find this shop, even with technology, but well worth the effort. In downtown Peterborough Cynthia dropped in at Tangled Threads, (great name for a store!..ed)

and on the way home Cynthia discovered Quilts N Critters in Millbrook, On (below). Cynthia recommends this double shop discovery, which claims to have the largest retail inventory of Jim Shore items along with original store fittings and fabulous fabrics! One "store" has Jim Shore and cottons while the shop next door has all the flannel fabrics! It was a quick but rewarding trip!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Newsletter and Registration 2009-10

Just a heads up to all Members! The August newsletter has been sent via email and should be on its way via snail mail! Remember to print out your Registration forms and send them in as soon as possible to be eligible for the early bird draw. Those that send in their registration forms before September 1st have the chance to win a free membership to the LFQG!! Winners will be announced at the September 10th meeting!

Other news:
There is going to be a new magazine available on the newstands and it is called Quilter's Connection and it is CANADIAN!! You have a chance to win a free subscription to this magazine by going to Quilting Gallery and following the instructions there! Good luck!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

CQA/ACC Quilt Ontario 2011, London

CQA/ACC Quilt Ontario 2011, London is a go and the official Local Organizing Committee (LOC) met for the first time in early July. Your LOC team are:

Chair...........................................Rose Bowlby
Secretary....................................Carol Vandenberg
Publicity......................................Carol Vandenberg
Merchant's Mall.........................Karen Cole
Volunteers...................................Diane Carson
Invitational Show.......................Cynthia Norris
Trend Tex Challenge Show & Silent Auction...Carolann Jess
Workshops..................................Gwen Tracey
Baquet & Special Events............Christine Rachar
National Juried Show...................vacant

They have a couple of announcements to make to the London Friendship Quilters’ Guild, and Huron Perth, Oxford, and Thames Valley Guilds.

There is still one vacancy available on the Local Organizing Committee.
We are looking for someone with previous experience hanging a show to be the Coordinator of the National Juried Show (NJS). Someone with experience hanging juried quilt shows would be ideal. This person would be responsible for receiving the entries, planning the layout of the show, hanging the show, and preparing the show for judging. The NJS Coordinator must be available during judging and dismantling of the show, as well as returning the quilts. This person must be able to work closely with CQA Board Liason and understand that the CQA runs the NJS and controls the type and number of items to be displayed and therefore must be consulted on all aspects of the show. If you are interested in this position, please email us at lfqguild at yahoo dot ca, and put “NJS coordinator” in the subject heading.

We are having a contest!
We are inviting members of each of the above guilds to help us design a logo for this event that will be used on everything associated with this wonderful event. The winner will receive $100 and recognition is given to the person who creates the design on the call for entry and the CQA website. The winner will be selected by the members of the Local Organizing Committee.

The logo:
- must contain the words CQA/ACC Quilt Ontario 2011, London;
- should be representative of quilting and London as the Forest City;
- may include the tag line: Branching Out;
- must be an original pen or ink drawing on 8.5x11 white paper;
- must have the creator’s name, address, phone number and guild on the back of the submission;
- members of the LOC or their relatives are not allowed to enter the competition.

The deadline for submissions is October 31st, 2009. Winners will be announced at LFQGuild Meeting on November 12, 2009 and posted on the LFQG blog. Submissions can be mailed to:
Logo Contest c/o
London Friendship Quilters’ Guild
P.O. Box 25662

London, Ontario
N6C 6B3

Or can be submitted personally to the following people when guild meetings resume in September: Carol Vandenberg (LFQG), Carolann Jess (Thames Valley Guild), Diane Carson (Huron Perth Guild), Gwen Tracey (Oxford Guild).