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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Parade of Gifts

Our 2 special guests were Christine Poier from Meals on Wheels and Pat Finch from Children's Aid Society of London. As Christine explained the services that Meals on Wheels offers their clients, the LFQG presented a special show and share of the wonderful placemats made by our members.

Meals on Wheels serves over 1000 frozen meals and 1000 hot meals per week, that's for 2000 clients a year! On Christmas day, a full staff and team of volunteers are available to present to each client a free turkey meal with all the trimmings and a gift bag created by London Hydro. Our placemats will be included in that gift bag! The LFQG counted 128 placemats, but two more were added after the bindings were finished during the meeting, making the total donation of 130 placemats to Meals on Wheels, great job ladies! You can view the placemats here.

Pat Finch was also on hand to witness a parade of children's quilts made by our members. Every month quilts for kids are turned in to be donated to the Children's Aid Society of London. Pat explained to us that there are 2 ways that these quilts are passed onto families. One is when the quilts are given to the babies and children that come into the care of the CAS and the other is through their Infant Care and Parenting program. Graduates of this program receive one of these quilts. The LFQG donates around 70 of these quilts to CAS a year.

Many thanks to Christine and Pat for attending our meeting and receiving these gifts.

A final word on donation quilts...Last year Teresa asked members for help to complete a Quilt of Valour commissioned by her school principal. Teresa made up kits for each block and members took them home to complete them and then brought them back. She brought the completed quilt top in for show and share.

Members will have another chance to donate to the Quilts of Valour project on Friday, March 12. Heather Stewart will be doing 2 workshops one of which will be string quilting techniques; the fee is the donation of the project to Quilts of Valour. Members can work together in groups on completing the project. First chance goes to those who sign up for her other workshop, Saturday, March 13, on colour principles.

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