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Monday, September 7, 2009

First Meeting: Thursday, September 10 7PM

Welcome back Quilters!

I trust everyone had a good summer! Just a reminder for new members: We meet the 2nd Thursday of every month from September to June at St George's Presbyterian Church 1475 Dundas St. East (just east of Hale Street), doors open at 6:15PM and the meeting starts at 7PM. Any changes due to weather and unforseen circumstances will be announced on the blog and sent out in an email, those without an email address will be phoned.

Registration Desk:

The registration desk is now at the back of the room to prevent clogging of the stairs. Make sure you sign in first! This is where you can pick up the newsletters, buy tickets for the door prize and sign up for workshops.

Secret Notion:

We encourage all our members to wear their name tags to the meeting, and if you have a guild chatelaine wear that too! To facilitate this loyalty to the guild, we offer tickets for some fat quarter draws...wear your name tag, receive a ticket, wear your chatelaine, receive a ticket, and as a bonus to our regular blog readers, we announce a Secret Notion on the blog, the week before the meeting. Bring the Secret Notion, receive a ticket! In the spirit of back to school, this month's Secret Notion is a fresh apple. These apples will be donated to the Food bank on behalf of the Guild.


The Library is open from 6:15 to 7Pm and during breaks at meetings. You are allowed to borrow any number of books until the next meeting. You must return your books at the next meeting or a fee of $1.00 per month is levied. Books must be signed out, but magazines are on the honour system. The LFQG is a guild member of the CQA and the library carries the 2 copies of Canadian Quilter that is sent to us. A great read, highly recommended! The Library also contains the minutes and photo albums from the past meetings for your perusal.

Guest Speaker:

This month's guest speaker is Garnet Smalley of Cotton By Post. He will be talking about their upcoming quilt show Quilts of Ireland 2009. Cotton By Post has made a tradition of bringing in International quilters to rural Ontario and we look forward to what they have in store for us this year!

Show and Share:

We keep the best for last! Each month, we invite our members to bring in their latest completed quilts. It is such a treat to see amazing array of colours and textures and talent that each member has to offer!


Newsletters are produced every other month, most of you will have already received the August/September edition by email, those that did not will be able to pick up a copy at the registration desk. Members are welcome to contribute to the newsletter and can email Jill B. for details. The next newsletter will be the October/November edition, and the deadline for contribution would be the last week of September.


This is where you will find an up to date record of our events. I post meeting reminders, including the Secret Notion, by the Monday prior to the next meeting. I post a recap of the events by the Monday after the meeting. Along the sidebar of this blog you will find links to our advertisers, guest speakers, quilt shows, and other useful information.

Postcard Exchange:

Lynn D has offered to take on this popular activity. Make a fabric postcard (a link to the instructions can be found in the sidebar or click here). Do not address it, but just put your own return address on the left, drop it in the mailbox on the registration desk and you will receive another postcard back in the mail! You will receive back, as many as you drop in.

Outreach and Kids' Quilts:

Penny H and her volunteers are available at each meeting to receive donated quilts for Children's Aid. Each month they have kits available for members to complete; all the materials are provided. Kits are quilts in various stages of completion. If you like to bind, you can ask for quilts waiting to be bound, if you like to piece, or if you like to practice your machine quilting, there are kits available at each meeting. At each meeting they will display the completed quilts along the west wall of the church.

Break time:

We encourage members to bring their own beverage or light snack to the meetings, however for the first meeting of the year, the Executive will be providing snack and beverage. Feel free to bring your own mug for tea or juice (to help cut down on waste!).

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