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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quilters on Vacation: New Brunswick

Loving the cottage country of Baie-Stainte-Anne New Brunswick & not venturing out to visit any quilt shops till company arrived...yes Ann R. made it all the way out here! We took advantage of the guidance of a Miramichi Guild member, Elizabeth L, who I met at my 1st Hootenay to show us the direction around the Miramichi River to formerly known as Chatham & Newcastle. Today those 2 towns & surrounding areas are known as the City of Miramichi ( I knew of the Miramichi Dragway! I hope to do the 1/4 mile next summer) Yes 2 quiltshops were visited that day, supporting the economy in NB.

The 1st shop was in the old part of Chatham, a converted Victorian home with lots of charm, owned by Trudy & Steve Williston(formerly from ON) called Pins & Needles Fabric & Yarn. One room was a classroom, which I've been invited to bring my sewing machine & spend the day with Trudy, what fun I'm having out here! The other 2 rooms had the quilt & a smaller area for yarn supplies, very nice place with the family antiques holding kits, supplies & cash register.

The 2nd was located in Newcastle on Veterans Lane(Town Hill) & was a huge incline, must be frightful in the winter. Owned & operated by Tineke Bosma, also a Miramichi Guild member, their guild meets every Tuesday evening & some Saturday's too. I should be able to get afew meetings in before going home in October. Tineke had quilting & other supplies for drapery & home decorating, Ann & I had a wonderful afternoon with Elizabeth as our guide. There I found my precious William Morris on sale for 4.50 per meter, I purchased the last 2 meters. Yes to find the find!

I also put a call in to PEI to mail order a pattern, kit, &fabric, she told me since I lived on the Acadian Coast & she & her husband like to 'come off the island' she would let me know when she would be in the area to deliver it to the Baie! Life has been so different out here & the people are wonderful. I'll tell a few stories when I get being lost in the woods for 3 1/2 hrs & having the RCMP come to the rescue, oh my do not trust the Garmin GPS!
Quilting in another province & loving it!
Cynthia M-R

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