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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dear Sunbonnet Sue: Nosegay block

Dear Sunbonnet Sue:On the weekend I found these wonderful treasures at a thrift store in my mother's home town. I have seen the block before but I don't know what its name is or how to make templates for the background pieces. Can anyone give any suggestions. ( The finished block measures 9.25 inches and some are hand pieced and others are machine pieced)
Debbie S

Dear Debbie S:
What a great find! The block you have is called Nosegay. I found a 12inch block pattern here. How to make templates for your 9.25 block may be a little trickier. I will ask our readers to send in or make comments below for their advice.

If it were me, use the different fabric pieces that are already cut out:
1) pin to paper, trace
2) remove fabric, and cut out paper template
3) from paper template, using a rotary cutter and ruler for accuracy, cut off the quarter inch seam allowance, this will recreate the finished size.
4) make enough of these to create a block
5) like a jigsaw puzzle re-create the block on top of another piece of paper, you may want to use a glue stick to hold down the pieces so they don't move, (this would be the finished size of the block (I am guessing that the finished size should be closer to 9.5 inches)
6) with a ruler draw the outside edges of the block, and draw lines to fill in the empty spaces.
7) cut out your empty space, that is the finished size
8) glue your finished size block onto another piece of paper and add the quarter inch seam allowances
9) cut out your new template!

This is just one way to do it, if you have suggestions, please leave the details in the comments or email me and I will post it.

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