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Monday, May 18, 2009

AGM & Guild Challenge 2009: O Canada!

This year's AGM started with the business. Each executive member gave their yearly report. A print version of the report will be available at the June banquet and in the Library. Next, the membership elected the new executive for next year:

President: Rose B
Past President: Cynthia M-R
Vice President: Maria F-D
Treasurer: Gail M-L
Secretary: Christine R
Website/Blog: Carol V
Newsletter: Jill B
Library: Julia C & Beth Y
Membership: Lorraine S & Karen W
Community Outreach: Penny H, Elaine T, Susan VA

Thank you's go to Paulette L & Ann R for doing reception and to Cynthia N for the postcard exchange during the past year! Kudos!

This year's President's challenge was O Canada. Participants were asked to create a piece that reflected what Canada means to them and it had to have a maple leaf on the front. 15 members participated and the whole membership was asked to choose their favourite by secret ballot and not knowing who did which piece.
1st Place: Lorraine S

2nd Place: Jill B, "Reality Show"

3rd Place: Cynthia N, "Canada, eh?"

You can view a slideshow of all the entries with description here. Those that won received gift certificates and a Canada flag pin. All members attending the meeting received a maple leaf pin as a gift from the outgoing president, Cynthia M-R.

I've also got the photos from the Guild Challenge for 2007, the placemats that were donated to Meals on Wheels. You can view them here. I will also put links on the sidebar for future reference.

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