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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January Postcards

* with my apologies for the delay in posting, I was unable to scan these treasures until today. Watch your mailboxes, one of these may end up at your door.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Table Topper Workshop: March 15

Barb A. of Babs n Jas Designs has generously offered to hold a free workshop on March 15, on how to make this delightful table topper. She promises that it easy to make and you will be able to make one for yourself and one as a donation to the CQA. You must pre-register for this workshop, please contact Phyllis G. for availability.

The Canadian Quilters' Association objectives are to promote the greater understanding of quilting, promote the highest standards of workmanship, and foster cooperation and sharing among quiltmakers across Canada. Because the LFQG is a member of the CQA, the CQA provides our guild with rosettes to give as prize for our shows, their magazine, and access to some of their resources. The CQA has asked for quilty donations to be used for gift bundles that they give away at their shows. This is a great way to give back to the Canadian Quilting Community. I know, Cynthia M-R would be proud to see "Donated by LFQG, London, Ontario" when she goes to Quilt Canada in Newfoundland this spring!

For those who might not be able to make a whole table topper to donate might want to try these easy bookmarks suggested by NancyRose. She offers this tutorial on her blog, click here.

If anyone else has ideas to share for easy donation projects, feel free to email me and I'll try to post them here.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quilt Bingo! A Success!

You could feel the tension rise in the final round of Bingo. The occasional "ah" of disappointment, "yes!" when there was a match, giggles of nervousness as we tried to fill the whole card for the final round! Quilt Bingo was great fun! We played 5 rounds: Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, X, and then finally full card. The winners each received a small bag of goodies. So save those cards, you never know when we will sneak in another round of bingo!

Our bingo caller, Christine:

Our first winner!

The rummage sale seemed to be a success as well! (I don't have the final numbers yet) I know I took home a few magazines and books.

Many ladies remembered to bring their secret notion: a Needle Case; from home-made to store bought magnetic cases, we had it all. I, personally, had never seen the tube shaped ones before.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Next Meeting: Thursday, January 10, 7PM

Happy New Year! I hope everyone got something quilty for Christmas! A new year always brings on the resolutions! Cleaning out the "resource centre", reducing your stash, finishing those UFO's, getting those crafty Christmas presents done before Christmas, for a change, learn something new, donate to charity! Well the LFQG is here to help!

The January meeting, will help you reduce the clutter, bring in unused fabrics, old magazines, books, unfinished blocks or supplies you don't need any more for our rummage sale! All proceeds going to the Outreach program for supplies to make quilts for kids! All items must be bundled and priced!

Finsh those UFO's! Quilt 'til You Wilt at the Stoneridge Inn on February 23rd, will give you a day of quilting without interruption so you can finish those UFO's! Lunch, Supper, and snacks included, all for $60.00!

Learn something new! On February 14th meeting, John Willard will dazzle us with his Spontaneous Geometrics lecture and the workshop will follow on the Friday, the 15th. Workshop cost $35.00.

Donate a quilty item to CQA! Barb A. will host a table topper workshop for free on Saturday, March 15th, a sign up sheet will be available at next meeting.

Reduce your stash and finish those UFO's! Kay Hannah will share her ideas at the April 10th meeting and workshop on the 11th.

Reminders for next meeting:

-Donations for rummage sale; all items to be bagged and priced; bring small change for purchases, too!

-Quilt Bingo Card and buttons for markers; we've got prizes!

-Show and Share; if you've got them, bring them!

-Fabric Postcards for exchange

-For Fat Quarter Draw! Secret Notion: a Needle Case, handmade or store bought, show us what you got! and of course your Chatelaine, and Name Tag!

-provide your own refreshment, please.

The agenda:
-Guild Business
-Quilt Bingo
-Show and Share
-Rummage Sale