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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Paducah Trip 2009

The Rouge Valley Quilters Guild out of Scarborough has arranged a 56 passenger bus trip to Paducah, Kentucky for April 21, 2009 for AQS Quilt Show, only 30 members are able to participate and have room for 20 more! If you are interested in going to Paducah, these are some of the details:

The Rouge Valley Quilters’ Guild 2009 bus trip leaves for Paducah, Kentucky on April 21st, returning to Toronto on April 27th. Paducah is a Mecca for quilters and quilt enthusiasts during the American Quilter’s Society Annual Quilt Show and Contest each April and 2009 is the AQS 25th Anniversary Celebration Show. There are still seats available on the bus and the invitation is now extended to non-members at a price of $885.00. The fee includes the two-day bus trip from Pickering (just east of Toronto) to Paducah return, including the overnight accommodation going and coming, three days hotel accommodation in Paducah (two to a room), two special restaurant dining room dinners, entry to the quilt show and, of course, a wonderful shopping opportunity. We're a friendly guild and would surely make your members welcome. For more information and to get a registration form contact the Rouge Valley quilters at ijackedw (at) rogers (dot) com.

Monday, November 24, 2008

President's Challenge: O Canada!

Show us what Canada means to you in a quilted item. Any quilted item will do, it is your choice, but:
1) it must include a maple leaf visible somewhere on the front of the piece;
2) it must not exceed 50x50 inches, or 200 inches total of all the sides;
3) it is due at our May 14, 2009 meeting.

November's postcards

16 beautiful postcards!

Keep an eye on your mailbox!

One of these beauties is on its way!


Also, LFQG would like to welcome Coolen's Sewing Machines as one of our newest sponsors! The address of his new location can be found on the sidebar. Welcome!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Guest Speaker: Heather Stewart

Heather Stewart of the Oxford Quilters' Guild spoke to a full house at our last meeting. Members were thrilled to view her trunk show. Heather has been a member of the Oxford Quilters' Guild since 1988 and has been involved with Quilt Canada since 1990 in various roles including Registrar and teacher.

This quilt, "Remembering the Past", is a postage stamp quilt that was exhibited at the Teachers' Exhibit in Quilt Canada 2008 in St. John's, Newfoundland. She taught classes at Quilt Canada 1996 and 2004 as well. This piece contains 5319 pieces and, if you look closely, one maverick block, one block that is not quite like the others!

This "Spiral Bargello" is a quilt she designed to teach classes a technique developed by Chris Timmins.
Heather belongs to a stashbusting group that created this patriotic quilt to donate to Canadian Comfort and Remembrance Project. This organization donates quilts to mourning families of fallen Canadian soldiers. With two children in the military, she knows the value of a comfort quilt. She told her own story of fear and sadness, when mistakenly she received "the call no mother wants to hear" and she believed her son missing. Fortunately, he was not, but it was her son's quilt that gave her comfort during that time.

These little "Quiltlets" are from a class she teaches on design and colour.

This piece "Cobblestones" is the template for Saturday's workshop.

I visited the workshop this morning and all was quiet as everyone was gathered around listening to instruction. The key to this quilt and for that matter, any quilt that contains four-patch or nine-patch blocks, is in the quick piecing and cutting method that she teaches. Her philosophy is "I'd rather save time than fabric". When you produce over 2o quilts a year, you don't have a lot of time to waste!

She gave helpful hints on pressing, and cleaning your tools. She gave a quick demo on how to clean your rotary cutter safely, using a large fridge magnet, to remove the blade without ever touching it with your hands. "A fridge magnet should be in every quilter's sewing box."

Look at these proud cobblestones!

The LFQG would like to thank Heather for her marvelous trunk show and workshop! You can see all the photos here.

Viewers' Choice

Over 400 people visited our Harvest of Quilts 2008 Show and each was given a ballot and asked to choose their favourite piece in 4 different catagories. With over 200 entries, many people complained it was too difficult! Each entry was a joy to view and no one should feel left out; each had their fans!

The envelope please....

1st Place Bedsize: My Hexagon Quilt by Ruth M.

Honourable Mention Bedsize: Ottawa Valley Serenade by Liz V.

1st Prize Wallhanging: Earthbound by Jill B.

Honourable Mention Wallhanging: A Walk on the Wild Side by Lynda W.

1st Prize Miniature: Glen Etive by Jill B.

Honourable Mention Miniature: Viking's Bane by Jill B.

1st Prize Other Quilted Items: Purple Passion by Maria D.

Honourable Mention Other Quilted Items: Magic Tiles by Cynthia M-R.

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to those who participated in this year's show! You can view a slideshow of the Viewers' Choice here, and this link has been added to the sidebar as well.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 13, 7PM

Guest Speaker Heather Stewart
Heather's original lecture has been changed to a trunk show. Heather Stewart is a quilter who turned her hobby into a profession. Her website says she is a fabric artist, quilt restorer and judge. She has served as a director of the CQA and has taught many workshops at Quilt Canada. She will also return on Saturday, November 15th, for her popular Cobblestones workshop. Places are still available and one can sign up at the meeting or contact Phyllis G. if you are interested, cost is $35.

This month's Secret Notion will be a poppy in honour of the men and women who have served and are serving in the Canadian Forces to protect our country and keep us free. Tickets will also be given for wearing your nametag and chatelaine.

A Harvest of Quilts 2008 Show was a great success! Rose will update us with the final numbers and of course, the winners of the viewer's choice awards will be announced and presented. Winners will be contacted before the show to bring their award winning quilts.

Hands-on Christmas is just around the corner! The executive will be giving workshops at the December meeting for various Christmas decorations. The various decorations will be on display at the November meeting with sign-up sheets. This turned out to be a fun time for everyone, check out last year's pics here.

Other Reminders:
- Postcards for postcard exchange
- 6 inch square of fabric for Lily's Memorial Quilt
- LFQGuild pins, only $5, a great memento of our wonderful guild!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blog Updates

Just a reminder folks to check out the sidebar on the right side of this blog, there you will find many handy links. For instance, if you need the instructions on how to make postcards for our monthly postcard exchange, just scroll down to the photo of the postcards and click on that photo and it will take you right to the instructions! The same goes for the upcoming January Guild Bingo, just click on the photo to get the instructions!

Other handy links include a slideshow of the Guild Challenge, links to our local quilt stores, as well as a list of upcoming quilt shows. We also have a growing list of guild members who have blogs and have links to them as well. This month, we welcome The Quilt Rat as a new blogger. If you are a guild member and have a blog, please contact me with your link and we will add it to our blog roll.