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Monday, October 6, 2008

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 9th, 7PM

Guest Speaker:
Our guest speaker will be Anita Zobens from Cotton Mill Threadworks. She will giving us the scoop on all things threads; she is the Canadian Educator for Superior Threads. It should be very informative. Anita will be bringing thread with her that will be available for purchase, so it might be helpful to bring cash in small denominations to help out for change.

Secret Notion for will be freezable snacks for the Guild Show's Tea Room, you know... a dozen or two cookies or tarts, or a loaf or 2 of banana bread or zucchini loaf or carrot cake, that sort of thing. Bring some snacks and receive a ticket for the draw of fat quarters! Tickets for the fat quarter draw will be received for bringing your name-tag, and chatelaine as well.

Quilt Show Reminders:
1) Registration for your entries are due by October 9th to Karen W.
2) Drop off deadline for the entries is not until Oct 22 between 4-7PM at the Rowntree Memorial Church.
3) Penny H and Pauline are still accepting donations of something quilty for the Toonie Table.
4) Volunteers needed for welcome desk, white glove, tea room, and Toonie Table, set up and dismantle, so please speak to Charlene O or June P if you have some free time!

Other Reminders:
-Don't forget to drop off a fabric postcard and get another one back in the mail! so much better than bills!
- Show and share!

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