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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guest Speaker: Anita Zobens

Everything you wanted to know about thread and then some! Anita Zobens is the woman to ask. As the Canadian educator for Superior Threads, she travels across Canada giving lectures about threads and attends as many quilt shows "as humanly possible" as a vendor for Cotton Mill Threadworks.

She gave a very enthusiastic and informed talk on the different types of threads available, natural vs man-made, and their properties. She explained how to understand the different ways thread is measured, as well as the different types of threads and where best to use them. She dispelled the myths of polyester thread, it is not as evil as we may think, but saved her criticisms for invisible nylon threads. She says that polyester invisible thread holds up longer and keeps it colour, whereas nylon invisible thread will yellow over time and become check your labels! She passed out samples of machine quilted squares using different threads, to see how they look. Very handy!

Anita invites you to contact her anytime, if you have any questions about threads, at 1-866-356-6708. She also suggests you to check out Superior Threads website, under education, and printing off the information you find there and keeping it handy as guide. Great idea!


Here are the latest completed kids quilts:

Great job ladies!

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