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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 10th, 7PM

Guest Speaker: "No More UFO's" with Kay Hannah. Kay is a member of the Halton Hills Quilters Guild and describes herself as a Quilt Educator. She will hold a workshop on Friday, April 11th, cost $25, contact Phyllis G. for availability.

Secret Notion: Our Quilt Show Committee has asked that our Secret Notion this month be your 6 inch strip of fabric that will be used for quilter's candy for the Quilt Show in October. You will receive one fat quarter draw ticket if you bring your 6 inch strip of fabric to this meeting; you will also receive tickets each for wearing your name tag and your chatelaine!

CQA donations are due at this meeting! If you participated in Barb's table topper workshop, your completed table topper is to be brought. We would like to make a group photo of the participants and their completed table toppers. I will make a complete blog posting of the workshop with photos after the next meeting. It was a great way to spend National Quilting Day! We all had a lot of fun!

Our fabric postcard exchange has been a great success and continues until June. Make a postcard, drop it in the box and receive another in the mail! Last month's beautiful postcards were sent to founding member Lily W. who is currently battling cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Lily!

Tickets for our June 12th banquet at the Stoneridge Inn, with guest speaker Paulette Eccleston, go on sale at this month's meeting. Don't forget your cheque books! Cost is 35$.

Outreach: Penny H. is having a meeting at her house, on Monday, April 14th, to "batt-up" kids' quilts. If you would like to help, please see Penny at the Kids' Quilts table at the next meeting.

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