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Friday, March 21, 2008

March Mail Box

There were a couple others that were not scanned. We are warmly wishing the recipients our very best of sunshine, smiles and quilty wishes.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reta Budd

The LFQG were happy to welcome Reta Budd back as guest speaker, since her last visit in 2005. She still shines as one of Canada's most prolific and amazing landscape quilt artists. Her background is in the arts, having taken as many art and artisan courses as possible. She's dabbled in milnery, glove making, and of course oil painting; the only courses she hasn't taken are anything to do with cooking or baking! She says "It's still a problem!" Many of her quilts have won ribbons and viewer's choice awards, but lately she has been framing some of her work and this alone can disqualify her from many juried shows, as they prefer soft mounts.

Her art is deeply spiritual and believes that God speaks to us through the beauty of the environment and through her art she listens, and passes that message on. She labels her quilts with poetic musings of her inspiration and observations.

She says she has "warm feelings for barns" and would rather clean her barn than her house! This is the view from her barn "Inside Looking Out":

And this is one of my favourites! I just love the way she captured the reflection of the barn in the pond! Many of her barn pieces are strip pieces and she says it's like building the barn one plank of wood at a time.

After her talk, we were able to get to look at her art up close as well as ask her questions.

What a remarkable lady! She too says you have to please yourself when creating your art, do what you like to do, she adds,"Don't die with the music in you! Get it out!"

The London Friendship Quilters' Guild would like to thank Reta Budd for sharing her amazing art with us once again!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 13, 7PM

Guest Speaker: Reta Budd
Reta is a quilter from Oxford County who specializes in landscapes. She finds her inspiration in the nature around her. "Nature reaches deep into my being and touching my soul, demands expression," she says. You can see some of this expression here, but I can't wait to see it up close and in person on Thursday night!

Secret Notion: In celebration of upcoming St. Patrick's day, this will be a little trickier than usual, we would like you to bring any Clover product notion. Of course you will also receive a ticket for the fat quarter draw if you bring your name tag and a ticket for bringing your guild chatelaine.

March's free table topper workshop is full and there is a waiting list, but there is still room for Kay Hannah's No More UFO's workshop on Friday, April 11, cost $25. Remember that New Year's resolution to use up your stash? This one will help!

Reminder that May's meeting will be our AGM and the deadline for your Guild Challenge! We gave you a beautiful fat quarter, we want to see you use it! It's only 2 months away! Think Fish!

A little word about our AGM (Annual General Meeting) in May, this will be the meeting where we vote for next year's executive. According to the constitution a committee, consisting of the Vice-President and 2 non-executive members of the guild, must present a slate of candidates for the General meeting in April. We are looking for 2 non-executive guild members to volunteer for this committee. If you are interested please contact Cynthia M-R or Rose.

Last minute reminders:
*Show and Share
*Bring your own snack
*Loose change for basket draw
*Postcard exchange