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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quilt Bingo! A Success!

You could feel the tension rise in the final round of Bingo. The occasional "ah" of disappointment, "yes!" when there was a match, giggles of nervousness as we tried to fill the whole card for the final round! Quilt Bingo was great fun! We played 5 rounds: Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, X, and then finally full card. The winners each received a small bag of goodies. So save those cards, you never know when we will sneak in another round of bingo!

Our bingo caller, Christine:

Our first winner!

The rummage sale seemed to be a success as well! (I don't have the final numbers yet) I know I took home a few magazines and books.

Many ladies remembered to bring their secret notion: a Needle Case; from home-made to store bought magnetic cases, we had it all. I, personally, had never seen the tube shaped ones before.

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